Monday, March 31, 2008


Per the Troll, Mute Monday, these are mine....... "Interpretations of Greatness."

Sacrifice (Choctaw Co by a Storm watcher)

Dawn of a new day (Lake Logan Martin at friends cabin)

Sunrise over the ocean, birds in flight (my parents condo in Orange Beach)

Gates of Heaven, Promise of Life Everlasting (Sewanee Cemetery, TN)


The Blood HE shed for US (Sewanee University, TN)

Purple Mountain Majesty (Sewanee University)


Strolling a deserted beach (Perdido Key/Johnson Beach)

Toes in the Sand (my kids and their cousins, Orange Beach, AL)

and I must include these people in another form of greatness:

A great loss. Guitar wizard. (I could go on in this category)

My Family/love from a good man, Family includes these pictured here and others (not pictured)....

Mom and Dad


unconditional puppy love (my dogs)

Feel free to play along. If you do, leave me a comment so I can check out your interpretation of Greatness.


The Troll said...

Beautiful and meaningful pics. Is that Lake Wheeler? Happy Mute Monday!

Leigh said...

Troll, that lake pic was taken at my firends lake house on Lake Logan Martin. It is south east Al, where Wheeler is north.
I added a couple more pics...I got carried away..

Kelly Jene said...

This was a true journey of greatness. Fantastic job! Happy MM!

Not that Type of Raven said...

The service men photograph is touching. Elegant MM!

Leigh said...

Kelly Jean-I enjoyed yours!
Thanks-not that type of Raven, though that one is not my own photo. Servicemen-we shouldn't forget their dedication and commitment.

NYD said...

Feet in the sand. Hmmm wish it were warm enough here to go to the beach.

Thanks for visiting my home.

Anonymous said...

Love the puppies! Happy MM!

Lindsey said...

Love the picture! I enjoyed each and every one!