Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Humane Society Needs Drivers

My friend Sharon is also a mutual animal lover. She asked me if I would put this up on the blog to spread the word. Anything for the humane society. I hope it helps....

Shelby Humane Society has transported more than 800 dogs to four shelters in New Hampshire since their shelter partners program was initiated a little more than a year ago. ALL of these dogs are adopted into wonderful, carefully screened homes generally within a week of arrival. By the time we get to the shelters, some have as few as three or four dogs. Some are empty. EMPTY dog runs. If I hadn't seen it myself, I wouldn't believe it either. But the dogs can't drive themselves.
SHS needs pairs of drivers to transport these lucky pups - they're currently having to turn transports down when the New Hampshire shelters call because they just don't have enough drivers at this time. Here are the specifics:

- the shelter collects donations earmarked specifically for these transports so all of your expenses are paid (gas, tolls, hotel for one or two nights, food, etc).
- if you leave on a Friday morning around 10am, you'll arrive (driving thru the night) in New Hampshire by 9am the following morning. The trip home can be made with one or two overnight stops so you do get time to sleep.
- I PROMISE, the dogs do NOT bark the entire time! Honestly, the last transport I drove only had a few that barked when stopping or starting back up. The rest were quiet and happy to be on the road to a better life.
- You will get to see some incredible scenery, meet some awesome people and I guarantee your life will be touched as you see your transport dogs get adopted one by one off the shelters' websites.

My co-pilot and I generally leave on Friday morning and we're home by dinner on Sunday. That's our "quick trip" plan but it's absolutely possible to do. Again, you can add a second night in there on the way home if you prefer. It's an easy drive, just a bit long. Check out two of the shelters we transport to the most at http://www.hsfn.org/ and http://www.nhspca.org/ . They're both incredible facilities!

If you think you might be interested, but would like more info or pictures of the trips I've made, please email me at kristiherring@aol.com . If you know you would be interested in driving one of these transports, Ronda Steciuk, the shelter's director, at ronda@shelbyhumane.org .

This is a GREAT way to help these lucky dogs out and it won't cost you a dime! Thank you for your consideration!

Kristi Herring
Today's Treasures Rescue & Adoption http://www.ttra.petfinder.com/

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