Friday, March 21, 2008

Reoccurring Dreams/Nightmares

My Blogger pal, Tricky Nicki at I, Wright Had an interesting post about some reoccurring dreams, or nightmares, rather, that she has experienced. Click Here to read what she had to say on the subject.
I hope her nightmares go away. Personally speaking, my reoccurring dreams are also strange. It is also one of my first memories. I am a bald baby of maybe 2 (in the dream and most likely as I dreamt), in an old house on a second story and I fall out of a window. The dream even takes place in a sepia tone, or very muted colors of whites and browns. I fall and it is the most terrifying feeling. I had this dream many times throughout my childhood.
When I was about 8 years of age I jumped off a high dive at a swimming pool for the first time. As I feel from the dive into the water, that very feeling in the pit of my stomach was the exact one I had been feeling in my dreams all of those years. I always thought it bizarre that as a baby (very young when I began having the dream) that somehow I knew what it felt like to fall from high up, and yet never had that experience. To this day I will not jump off a high dive. I continue have a fear of heights. I have not had the dream in probably 20-25 years but it is still so vivid.
Today, my reoccurring dream is based on tornado's. They are all a bit different and varied in sequence but all with the same theme; a tornado is coming, most often several at the same time and I can see them getting closer and closer. I stop short of yelling for Auntie Em, but honestly that is my dreams…
Do you have any strange reoccuring dream or nightmare?

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jennifer said...

My repeater dreams are all about school. Always a test that I am not prepared for.


Going to link over to the other site and read too BTW.