Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday Stuff

A Dusting of Sugar

A little, and I do mean *little*snow on the ground this morning, as if you dusted a pound cake with confectioners sugar. The kids went onto the deck and played....where the snow had accumulated the most. They gathered every little bit of snow they could scrape up off the deck railing and made the worlds most pitiful snowballs. But it made them happy. Hot chocolate was ordered up and the world was good. Because we got a dusting of snow. In a kids eyes-those that rarely see it-it counts.

Going to the Chapel

Going to the Chapel today......Bama's Tennis Coach is getting married. I am so upset that I don't have my camera. For the past two years Big Daddy and I have copulated together and produced a musical slide show of pictures taken throughout the tennis season. This year would not be complete if I didn't include his coach, April in her wedding gown, with her boys (usually sweaty and always in shorts) in their Sunday best. And today, I will not capture it. So sad. So terribly sad. Speaking of Bama. Rest easy Alabama drivers, his car privileges were stripped when he brought home a speeding ticket on Friday. I cannot go there (to discuss) or I will blow my top. Rest assured he isn't on the road-not until he has completed driving school.

**UPDATE!!-The wedding was beautiful. I asked a parent to take the shots I wanted. She promised me copies. Also, April had asked me for a recommendation for a wedding photographer prior to the big day. I recommended Erin and Corey Nolen of Nolen Photography. I met Corey briefly at the Act of Congress show in Helena, he was the sound guy there. I had asked him a couple questions for the article I wrote. I got his web site from the Act of Congress web site and was impressed with he and Erin's work. There are alot of photographer's I know that just do not want to fool with weddings for liability reasons, so I was happy to see that they did weddings. At the wedding, I was certain to get the shot I wanted by asking the Nolen's to shoot it. They did. I cannot wait to see how it turns out!

Lastly, I must thank my blogger/photographer friend, Charnita of Charnita's Expressions for being so kind as to offer the use of her camera for me to use today. While I didn't, I was so touched at her generosity. Charnita is a great photographer in her own right. Though she doesn't currently do weddings (I asked her first) she is multi talented. My sincere thanks, Charnita!

Human Body Forms

I was in Sam's on Thursday purchasing snacks for Bama's tennis team. I strolled by the swimsuit isle. Depressing to even think about and even say the word. But I stopped, because I saw the price...$21.00. I flipped through the swimsuits that were hanging on the "human torso plastic forms". I found one I liked and I got it. I took it home and tried it was almost acceptable, which on this ole bod is a keeper. Nothing much rates above that these days. It covered sufficiently.
I put the torso form that the bathing suit was hanging on by the trash in the kitchen so Bama would take it out when he took out trash. That evening, he went to take out trash. I was in there cleaning up the dishes from supper. "Whhhaaaattt-T! The Heck is THAT!" he asked, looking at the form. He looked at me. The confusion on his face...I lost it and couldn't answer his question. His face said it all. Certainly, he thought his parents were into some kind of kinky seedy world that involved plastic bathing suit forms. Sledge came into see what all the fuss was about. She too looked at the form. "What is that?" she asked with every bit of curiosity in her voice. "It's a bathing suit form-what the swimsuit was hanging on when I bought it!" I explained. "That's weird!!!" Sledge stated. Bama agreed. And all life in the circus was back to "normal"-for a little while.......


tricki_nicki said...

I love your new format!! LOVE it. Can I request something? Can you please put a 'home' button somewhere on your page? Because you probably created your header in Photoshop (it's an image and not a link to your homepage) it makes it impossible to go to your most recent post without deleting part of the link and refreshing. I know, it's silly, but it'll make your blog easier to read! I'm selfish like that...

Leigh said...

Hi Tricky! I am sooo glad you said this. It has bothered me too. I didn't really sit down and try and figure out how to remidy it though. But because of you, I did. And it was an easy fix. TN, do you see that little Home button saying "Click her for Leigh's Home Page"? It's just for you....and me!
Thanks on the compliment on the format. I just envy everyone elses' blogs looking so stemlined. I thought I'd try it. Blogspot doesnt have many choices for templets. I am afreaid to go outside of blosopt though, for fear I will loose all my saved stuff. I heard of that happening to someone.

tricki_nicki said...

Yay! Thanks Leigh! I'm a happy camper now. If you decide to switch to Wordpress (WAY easy to customize) let me know and I'll help! I think you should do a header with more of your awesome photos!

Leigh said...

Glad you mentioned it. I am too! I would love to but I dont know how. Right now I need a "limited edition Fabian Rocks" header. LOL! Support my pal!