Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Birthday Festivities

As mentioned before, Today was Sledge's 10th birthday. She opted to just have a handful of girls over to go roller skating (like momma, like daughter). Yes, it was another moment for me to fantasize about being a derby girl. We went to the Roller Motion Skate Center and were thrilled to find less than 20 people in the entire place. Our elation was short lived, however, for twenty minutes later and there was a barrage of vans and buses dropping off somewhere close to a thousand (perhaps a slight exaggeration, but only slight) kids aged 4-14. There were so many people that the workers ended up skating by ages, for example "only ages 8 and under can skate to this song" and "only 9 & 10 year olds can skate to this one". I could see that I was going to be outta luck-or dead by the time they got to my age. The girls rolled their eyes and said, "Let's ditch this", so we did, to my delight. I hate crowds. The song choices were also questionable. It's like driving, who wants to drive in the car listening to rubbish? Well, I am here to say you cannot skate to crap either. Gotta have the groove. LOL. There were some songs coming on, one that I thought was about to incite a riot. Apparently though, it was a well liked rap song, I couldn't understand a single word of it, all I heard was a bunch of chanting.
We headed back to the ponderosa for awhile while they went to the basement to talk shop (band talk, for making up songs about boys). Here they are wearing their "stage clothes".
Soon, we had gathered some other folks to join the posse and headed to San Antonio Grill, where Porfirio waited on our large group.
He is such a great waiter. After everyone was was well fed came dessert. Big Daddy picked up a cookie cake for Sledge. Yes, if you look closely, it does say dorkface, much to my dad's horror, I believe. He just really doesn't understand us. In our household, Dorkface is a term of endearment. It is one of affection. We have alot of fun and tease with one another, life is to short to take ourselves to serious. Sledge was pleased with her cake and thought it funny. After Sledge's cake, the restaurant thought it fair to also get in on the act of trying to embarrass her. They brought out a plate of ice cream and proceeded to wipe it on her face. I didn't see the significance, but her friends thought it hilararous.
It was also "Son's" birthday (our neighbor) so we celebrated the births of both of our girls (I love Son as my own) .
In Short, a good time was had by all. Thanks to all who made the day special by your appearances, your thoughful gifts, the meal and sentiments. You all make life so enjoyable.

Happy Birthday Sledge and Son.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to my precious little sledge. Let me sing "You are so beautiful to me". Been trying since you were born. (You know what I mean!) I love you so very much
"Mom" (Sledge's Grandma)

jennyhope said...

you are so funny in the skates. I love it! Also, your fam is so cute!

jennifer said...

Baby Doll, you are GORGEOUS!!!! Happy Happy Birthday
From this Old Jen to you
Happy Happy Birthday
May all your dreams come true!
Vote Pedro.
This is your Birthday Song
It isn't very long...

Leigh! You crazy woman. If someone took a picture of me in skates with one leg in the air, I would be laying flat on my back. Well, I would be flat on my back regardless. Looks like you all had a fantabulous time. She really is a BEAUTIFUL 10 year old.


Anonymous said...

What fun for the birthday girl and her Mom in skates!

ABBEY said...

Now that I got to see it clearly, I just ADORE Sledge's hair! You did so good!!! It is precious! Tell her Happy Birthday from Abbey!!!

"J" said...

Looks like yall had a FUN day!!! The girls looked cute all dressed up!!! =) Your pic is cute too with the skates on!!! You "GO GIRL" Rock those skates!!! =)