Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"What's for Supper"

I wrote this post at the first of the year but held it at Kay's request, so that she could be more prepared to handle orders. Kay's kitchen was in the process of renovation. I highly HIGHLY recommend Kay. I would drive hours for this lady's unbelievable food. It is certain to warm any soul. Click on picture for an upclose look at her expansive menu.

"What's for supper"? It's those three little words that sometimes leaves mothers everwhere scrambling to prepare a short order meal for the family. Mothers and Fathers take note, now there is an easier way. Last night I had somewhere to be so I took the opportunity to try out something new that I had heard of....."What's for Supper" homemade suppers by Kay Brashier. By having Kay prepare my family's meal and myself just dropping by to pick it up was perfect. Much better than leaving the family home with just the option of fast food. For $27.00-about what we would pay at fast food- my family got the large chicken and dumplings ($22.) with an order of the fresh homemade sourdough bread ($5.00, the bread is absolutely fantastic!!). The large says it would feed 4-5 people, but I would thing 6-8 easily. We had leftovers, even with my family of good eaters (with the exception of picky Elaina who dug into this dish like no body's business). I just thought I would pass the info along. The lady lives in Helena and is very convenient, just off of Roy Drive. My family just raved and raved over the dumplings. Thought I would pass this info along to all of you. I know the holidays are always busy and rushed. Take a break, if even for yourself, order in and enjoy some time with the family or pick up a meal for a holiday party....Orders do have to be placed 24 hours in advance.

What's For Supper?
Homemade Dinners for Busy Families by Kay Brashier, Making Life a little easier...one supper at a time
(205) 620-0730 If you want to be added to Kay's email distribution list to receive information about extra desserts and dinners that are available, send your email information to mnkbrashier@aol.com
Gift Certificates Available (Perfect for Valentines, Sick Ones, New Parents, New Neighbor or Just Because)
Tell her Leigh Bratina referred you.


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

I have heard of places like this- it is so cool! I love her adorable menu, too. :)

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I LOVE reading your blog as well. It is so refreshing and entertaining!

Michelle said...

Kay has TO DIE FOR Coca Cola cake.. Todd actually asked for it for his birthday last year! It is sooo good...Kay is a WORLD FAMOUS team mom yanno.. Todd has had her as one on NUMEROUS teams.. One time I was at Winn Dixie with my son , Tyler, who had never had her as a team mom.. He said "There is the BEST team mom EVER!" HAHA..