Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bernie's On Main St. Restaurant & Grill

I am so lucky to live close by to my mom, who undoubtidbly is my best friend. Today we had some free time and went to the thrift store together where I found a few great treasures. After working up an appetite, went to Bernies on Main (in Columbiana, Al.) for lunch. Owned by Chef Bernard ("Bernie") Tamburello, Bernies is one of my favorite places to eat.
At lunch Bernie has a wonderful vegetable bar. Today though, I was craving the Mandarin Salad (small $5.95 or large $7.95). My mother was having the same craving. We both ordered the small salads. The salad consist of iceburg lettuce, mandarin oranges (naturally), feta cheese, croutons and sliced almonds. It comes with a orange vinarette dressing that is wonderfully delicious. The salads hit the spot for us. But should you be "hankering" (a term my mom likes to use) for something different there is much to choose from, including crab cakes, steaks, and saefood to hamburgers, chicken fingers, spaghetti bologne, pasta alfredo, pasta carbonara and a varitey of soups.
If you are looking for some place with ambiance, Bernie's is a quiet spot. Located inside a historical brick building it reeks with charm and culture. With exposed bricks, painted plaster & hardwood floors it is a very "earthy" vibe, perfect to impress your Valentine date or otherwise.

Bernie's on Main St. Restaurant and Grill
115 South Main Street
Columbiana, AL 35051


HEWY said...

I love that place. I have stopped by there several times when I'm in Columbiana.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds delish. I'm hungry now!

Thanks for playing along in our Big Bloggy Move!

Beth said...

Found your blog on the Big Bloggy Move. I enjoy your writing!

Michelle said...

WOW..I didnt even know that place existed! I am not in Columbiana much and when I am in Columbiana, I am usually not there for long, so I have never noticed places like that! A true treasure!

Mrs. Jules said...

Love feta cheese with my salad. Mmmm...pasta carbonara! Love that dish. Thank you for your sweet comments yesterday. How blessed you are to call your mother your best friend. :)

nicki said...

That place looks so cute. I wish I lived closer - I'd definitely go check it out!

Maebelle Park said...

Don't you just love those thriftin' days with our Moms!
We're sooo lucky!

Jessica said...

Cute building!