Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Schmoozing with the Sanchez Brothers

I was so thrilled to get an email on Monday, from my high school friend, Freddy Sanchez. I asked him if I could share it with all of you, to which he graciously agreed. It is relating to his brother FABIAN SANCHEZ (remember the name)who will be DANCING WITH THE STARS beginning on March 17, ABC at 7PM CST.

I am just so stoked!! And was thrilled to hear from my classmate & friend, Freddy.

F- Hello Leigh, I was just surfing the internet for articles on my little brother and happened to see yours, you’re hilarious!. I had a big smile on my face while reading your story. It’s nice to know that other people will be watching the show and voting for their home town friend. I will let Fabian know that he’s got another fan rooting for him in Helena. I actually talk with him just about every day, he’s doing great and Marlee is doing awesome, they’re both working really hard. I saw the pictures you had of Fabian on your page, and since those are a bit old I’m going to give you a very recent picture of him ( this one was actually taken for the show).
Take care and tell "Big Daddy" I said hello.
See you around.

I was so glad to have gotten this email on Monday because I was so happy to hear from Freddy! It completely took my mind off of the impending surgery-for a while anyway. I was also so thrilled to hear that Fabian is already dancing up some dust with Marlee Matlin.I had a question about that , dancing with Matlin and I asked Freddy,

L-"Years ago I was working towards a degree in educational interpretation. I was almost complete,but was sidelined when I had children and never went back. I am mind boggled to how Fabian will teach Marlee dance steps without her hearing the music. I assume Marlee will rely on counting? Fabian must be a VERY VERY good, teacher!
Obviously, look where he is!!

F-Marlee is actually using some special hearing aids that help her hear the high and low frequencies in the music. Fabian has been using music in their routines and says that Marlee is kicking butt. I have a feeling that they are going to blow people’s minds come March 17th, I can’t wait.

L- ME EITHER FREDDY, in case you didn't know. I AM beside myself. It's like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. It seems forever away!

F-By the way, I talked with Fabian yesterday and told him about your weekly post and he was very excited, he said “make sure you tell Leigh I said hello and thank her for me”, so there you go. He said that whenever he gets the ok to start talking to the media you will probably hear from him.

How gracious is that!?! I can honestly say, no one deserve to win more than Fabian. He is a master dancer, well trained, a seasoned dancer/performer. But aside from that, he is still the same ole Fabian from high school, as is his brother Freddy. Down to Earth, humble yet passionate about life.
So, consider yourself warned
Be sure to batten down for the next several weeks to come, for my weekly dialog about the show, and my relentless campaigning to have you ALL call in weekly to keep Fabian and Marlee kicking it up on the show.
Remember the face-it'll be smiling.
And Remember the behind-it'll be shaking.

Vote for Fabian and Marlee!
Maybe, just maybe he'll check into ye ole blog in his spare time (LOL). I would love for him to see the support he has. Some be sure to COMMENT, COMMENT,COMMENT and wish him well!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh! I doubt you know me but I also went to Berry (class of 87). Fabian's wife and I were best friends from 5K throughout school and beyond. We've lost touch the past 6 years though, mostly due to us having very different work schedules, etc.

So, I too will be voting for Fabian every week and will be telling everyone I know to do the same!

Love your blog.
Amy Schilleci


have a great week

Leigh said...

HI Amy! I do remember you. Pretty blond. It is nice to hear from you. That isneat, the connection you have with Fabian's wife. I do not know her, but she is absolultey gorgeous. I do know that. You should make contact with her. I am sure you are very special to her. There is nothng better than hearing from old friends. I was thrilled to get the email from Freddy!
Yes, vote, vote, vote and tell-no make -all of your freinds vote too! Thanks for droppin gin and commenting. Hope will will again.
Chic Handsome- merci bouquoe'(Probably misspelled)

Michelle said...

Look, if memory serves, if anyone ever makes it to any competition from this area ESPECIALLY HELENA, they always either win or come in second.. People from here EAT THAT STUFF UP! I will vote for him FO SHO!!!

Abbey Road -- said...

Great post, Leigh! How fun this must be for you!! Tell Freddy that you have a LOT of friends in Helena that will be rooting for him and Marlee. Also, WHAT SURGERY>?>???? Write me ....

Leigh said...

Thanks Michelle. I hope he gets all the votes. He's that good!
Thanks Abbey-I hope he will tune in himself and see the support here on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Fabian is HOT!! I will definately be voting for him!!! Thanks for putting those pics up

Lulu said...

Definitely one of my FAVORITE shows! Can't wait to read your updates! Since Maks will not be on this time around, at least there is Fabian to divert my attention!!

Leigh said...

Anon and Lulu-Here is a guarentee that all eyes will be on the new guy. He is going to throw down! He IS the Mambo King!

Leigh said...

Hey Amy Schilleci- You work with my Big Daddy! Small world....