Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Photo Blog

I have added a new chapter to my blog. It is a place where I can add some samples of my work from my photography business, Photographic Memories. This is where you can find it.
To book your portrait sitting, go to my web site, http://www.photomemories.discoveringminds.com/
You will soon be able to purchase some of my prints featuring landscapes, scenery and various objects, locally at Big Mountain Coffee in Helena (I will let you know when it is available there) as well as online at Smugmug (I will also let you know when my site is up).

Sincere Thanks for your support!


Charnita's Xpressions said...

Great portraits!! I looked at them all!!

I am thinking about renting a storefront and opening up a design studio. wanna be partners?

Abbey Road -- said...

Hi Leigh! Seriously, I was thinking on the way to work today that I wanted to arrange a session with you for me and my hubby - and then I came to your blog and saw this! How ironic! Soon as my teeth are finished (restorative work), I plan to do just that! Love the album, btw!


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Oh, wow! You do an amazing job capturing the moment- awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Nice work - If we didn't live up north, I would bring my DD in for a sitting!

nicki said...

I'm excited to look through your work! I've just recently taken up photography (who hasn't, right?) and love to see how the professionals do it. I'm going to start a blogroll of favorite photography sites; any suggestions, besides yours, of course!

Leigh said...

Charnita-Sounds fun! The store fronts are so expensieve though. Thats why I do it form home. Of we could find something worthwhile.
Abbey-Just say when. I would love that!
Welcome and Carol-I sincerely appreciate that!
NIcki-I can give you a few-Charnita's Expressions (form my blog roll) as well as nolenphotography.com. I have a few more saved on my favoite list. I will look at at and post them here.

Lulu said...

Wow! You take some awesome photos!

Let me know if you're ever in the Pensacola area over Labor Day weekend. We go every year.

Leigh said...

I was afraid you might forget to check back to my blog and see this but here is a list of recommended sites for photography:

I have to be vain and put mine in...LOL..ok, not really...anytime I can get traffic I am glad.
Here are some others I like


I always tell my clients, to shop around for poses. If there is something they really like, lets try it. Also I send this out to my clients prior to a shoot.....
A little forethought on your part can help to simplify a photo and maintain a natural looking scene and keep a shot from looking to "planned". Here are some tips to give you a great family photo-start by choosing a conservative clothing style. Trendy clothes are great for keeping up with friends at school, but they become less interesting in photos when the next fad replaces them. You're trying to capture your family as you all are, but also to create a photograph that last through all the style changes and has a permanent place in your home. Also be mindful of words on shirts, they can also distract from the picture. When photographing in color, choose clothes in bright cherry colors. Avoid plaids, stripes and polka dots that will compete for attention, keep it basic. Black and white portraits require a bit of thought, a tip-think in terms of contrast and texture. I've had great success with a simple white t-shirt and basic pants or shorts. Denim, sweaters, cotton and fleece are great in that they offer textures you can almost feel when looking at the photo. If you are having photos made in both black & white and color pictures, choose a basic simple outfit, one that is comfortable so that everyone will be relaxed. Trust me, if you feel comfortable in your clothes, it will make for a relaxed and not a "posed" looking picture. I am aware that some people don't always sport a permanent grin, if you are one of these people, relax and let your true personality come through. It will be a truer more depicting result. I hope that this insight will help you, my biggest point-just be you!"

I hope this helps. Most importantly-have fun with it and your subjects will have fun too!