Friday, February 29, 2008

Just Another Day in Paradise (of a Stay at Home Mom)

Just a little slice of my life from yesterday:

1. I awoke still having a terrible nauseous stomach. I don't know if it is from the surgery or something else.
2. Sledge called from her school to tell me that her lunch account was "empty" and to "add money". I looked back at my checkbook and this kid, alone, has spent over $75.00 in ONE MONTH!!! on SCHOOL LUNCHES that cost $1.50. Someone is eating junk food. I am about to nip this in the nutter butter! I am thinking someone is going to be putting in ALOT of chores and getting up earlier to make her own lunch. No more school lunches for this kid who is literally living high off the hog in the lunch program.
3. Bama calls and tells me that he has been involved in his third wreck in 8 months!! This was his first time to be at fault, but still. Let us live through another dealing with insurance claims and adjustor's. And Please let Bama drive safe! Thank you God he and D Lid are safe and unhurt, as was the other driver. And thank goodness, only minor damage (although I hope it appears as such on the claim)
4. I pick up two of my dogs from the vet, Lucy and Jeffery, both who have been stripped of any further mating instincts. Lucy is very sick and throws up in my lap on the way home. Windows go down and me (still feeling sick myself) and the 2 children hang our heads out the window for the remaining 10 miles home because of the sight and smell.
5. THANK GOODNESS my sweet mom brought supper!! Roast, mac and cheese, green beans, brownies. While I don't want a bit of it, the family does have food to eat.
6. Big Daddy comes in from work, livid at Bama and the fender bender. Meanwhile Bama slips in under the cover of darkness and hides in his room. I recall the scene from the Christmas Story, "Mom! Daddy's going to kill Ralphie".
7. Sledge comes down from her bed at 9:30 PM to tell me that she needs a large bottle of Elmer's Glue for a school project (classwork) by tomorrow. I pry myself up from the den sofa and head out the grocery for the last minute request. It's going on the "lunch tab".

And this my friends, just another day in paradise, in the life of our little circus. Happy day! It can only get better, right?
Happy Leap Day.


HEWY said...

Rough Day! I hope all the insurance works out. I have also changed the ala carte choices for my children at school.

Michelle said...

Sounds like someone needs SPIN :)Seriously, your life sounds JUST LIKE MINE.. Only add baseball to it.. lol

Leigh said...

Thanks Hewy.
Michelle-we are football (smooth) and tennis (bama)right now. Tennis is everyday. I do need a SPIN!

Abbey Road -- said...

You've made me sick and tired! You poor thing! I have one question - could Big Daddy not have made the trip for the glue???? If you had not been sick and recovering from surgery, I would never mention it. Oh I want to quit my job and stay at home ... but my kids are gone. I'd give anything if they were back home and little ones again. Glad Bama wasn't hurt, but that is so exasperating, huh? Sledge sounds oh so familiar! Trust me, your family is VERY normal! Feel better soon!

Leigh said...

Abbey-Why certinaly. Bdaddy could've gone. But sometimes it is just easier to do it yourself. He was in the middle of "gaming" and he doesnt even know what I am saying during that time. I wanted it done before the store closed. Moms-we have to do it ourself to do it correct, ya know?
I feel very very blessed to able to be at home. God is so good. And so is Big Daddy who works hard to allow us the luxury of being home to raise our children.

Mrs. Jules said...

What a day! Mom's gift of supper sure sounded wonderful.

I hope you're feeling much better...and thank you for reminding me that we're not the only ones running out at night for last minute requests. :)

Dullbert said...

Yikes you may want to remove school bus driver from Bamas career choices.. glad everyone is ok again

I'm saving this post to cut down on typing next time :)

Leigh said...

Mrs Jules, I guess it is a right of passge with all moms. I know I did the same thing to my poor momma.
Dullbert-Wise choice, on all accounts. LOL!

Lulu said...

OMG! I had the same issue with Gus and his lunch account. I was spending $35 every 2 weeks! I called the lunchroom and found out that he was getting breakfast AND lunch. He was supposed to be eating breakfast at home. We nipped that one in the bud. Kids.