Friday, February 15, 2008

"It's a Major Award"

"I got an's a major award" I love that line from A Christmas Story, delivered by the ever so talented and dearly departed Darren McGavin. I too can say that line because my friend "Abbey" over at "Abbey's Road" gave me this award yesterday. I have never been such a recipient of ANY blogging award (I want a recount!) and have been so envious of all the other blogs that have received such. Ahh, shucks.. (stamping my foot) I am so delighted. It is "a major award!"

Sure, take your grammy, your oscar, your tony too....can you ever really say that you have been awarded for "Making the World a Better Place"? I do not know what I did to deserve such accolades, but I will accept it. I also gathered that I must pass it onto 5 others (and as much as i'd like I will not pass to those who have already knowingly been tagged). Thank you, Abbey. I am genuninely appreciative.

My "award" is going right over there, no -over there on the right and will remain for the world to see (smile). THX!

SO the winners of the "You make the World a Better Place" are

1.Jessica's Blog (Who else can more creative than Martha Stewart and yet be so sweet)

2.The Nesting Place (NO ONE, I say NOONE can mistreat curtains better than this "fluffer" NO window should be bare and ugly (like mine. I do not own one pair of curtains and I am getting really bold and gonna say, I think I can, I think I can all because of Nester (not to be confused with the long earred donkey of Christmas) I just want Nester to come to my house for a playdate and see what we can do, er, she can do.)

3.Jenny Hope (My daily dose of my personal Beth Moore, certinaly making the world a better place with her daily testimonies)

4.Welcome to our Lives (The Hickmans) (Cute, encouraging and also a master crafter-Like Kenny sings about, "shes got it all")

and finally #5 (Geez, I can think of at least 3 or 4 who are deserving, but I am trying to think ahead and know that the ones I pick will pick some others.....)

5. The Roaming Southerner (Well this was really a no brainer....she made me into Loretta Lynn for goodness sakes. A certain shoe in with flattery.)

Ok, I am cheating and picking a couple more than are deserving. Its not the ACT's!...

Miss Bossy Pants With your sattire and dry wit, leave me laughing.

Casa De Jules (B/C you can cook and decorate so great-that rhymes....-another Martha)

Big Mama (Making it hip to be vulnerable and expose hairdos through the years and making it acceptable without the process of therapy. Call it "Hairapy". Oh! Gosh! I have a name now for my post....)

If you were picked you should also pick some blogger you think is deserving of making the world a better place.


jennyhope said...

you are so sweet! Seriously! Thank you it made my night!! love jen

The Roaming Southerner said...

Yeah, thanks for the award it made my day!!!! Also, it is more praise than I get normally for my photoshop skills.

Love the title of the post...I totally would have used the same one. Why...."Cause it's a major award, and I won it!"

The Nester said...

OH, Thank you so much! How I would love to have a playdate! For real! do you live close to me?

And You CAN make your windows beautiful--if you want to !

Big Mama said...

Thank you so much for the award.

If I can help others in the midst of hair tragedies, then I have made the world a better place.

Abbey Road -- said...

You deserve it, galfriend! I can see by your posts that you truly make a difference for a LOT of people!!! Heck, put it on the mantle for a week, then inside the curio, then move to the window over the kitchen sink, put it on the back of the toilet for a spell, on top of the hutch .....

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Thank you, thank you very much. (Sorry, I had to after reading your Elvis post!) You are too kind- I am so excited!

Mrs. Jules said...

Thank you for making my day extra-special, Leigh! You are such a sweetheart and YOU definitely make the world a better place.


Anonymous said...

awwww......thank you :)

Leigh said...

Jenny Hope, So glad. I love to come to your blog and read. It is my mini bible study time.
Southerner-You make me laugh. Of course, it's only right to use that phrase. Glad you got it.
Nester-"Cwetinly" Sadly I dont think so. I live in Helena, outside of Birmingham, Al. My home could really use some (alot ) of your attention. If you ever coem this way, give me a call or email.
Big Mama-you inspire me.
Abbey-I am most appreciative of your friendship and kind words.
Welcome-Good one!
Mrs Jules, Aww! Thanks! U so sweet!
Bossy-its deserving.

Lindsey said...

CONGRATS to you! Big award for a sweetie!