Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Yellow Box Moccasins

I purchased camel colored Yellow Box Moccasins for $12.00 at DejaVu Consignment Shop
Online they are Yellow Box Day Dream - Women's Yellow Box$69.95
I couldn't find the exact ones but these were the closest comparison.


Abbey Road -- said...

Holy Moly! These are adorable! I gotta have them!!! BTW - "Amarillo By Morning" is a phrase that my Mama and I sing back and forth to one another - you wouldn't believe it, but it's the greatest LITTLE city in the world. Texans are very proud people, and they should be - it is a really great State! Loved reading all the words again, thanks for taking the time to write them all down!


Leigh said...

I know! I love the boots. That was my purchase of the day.
LOve that song. The best one, by George! and uh by George (strait).
I would love to go one day, and I will.