Monday, January 7, 2008

Wii Zone

Since the Wii, here is what I see......
This pic includes Bama, Smooth and one of Bama's friends, D-Lid. If it isn't D-Lid it is one of many others including Lex, CW & Z as well as an array of Sledge and Smooth's friends. And I like it! Even though they are in a "zone".
The other night Lex brought over his girlfriend for some Circus time. He is like my child, as is D-Lid. I was so flattered he brought her "home" to meet the "fam". Sweet girl, I approve. I am always happy to have the kids over. I know what they are doing when I can see them.


Lulu said...

I have an 18-year old. It's always nice when they are at home with their friends so you can keep the ever watchful eye on them!!

Leigh said...

Bama is 17. Yes...always good!