Friday, January 18, 2008

Questionarre for Jan. 18th

Question 1 Which is worse? Being gossipped about or being lied to?This one stopped me in my tracks... I think I would have to say being gossipped about, because that normally involves more than one person saying false things about you or things you do not want to be told...Gossip spreads like wildfire and it can be very hurtful. Women are really bad about this. I think this was one reason growing up I hung around a bunch of boys. This was never a factor with my guy friends. I have dealt with this in a friendship before, where there were both gossip and lies. Gossip is told with the devils tongue.
Question 2 What is your favorite "Starbucks" drink? None. Not a coffee drinker.
Question 3 Name an embarrassing moment (Make it good). In exercise class we were doing jump-n-jacks and being a mom of three children, my bladder isn't what it once was. It trickled and more..and I had to leave. Noted to self, no more jumping jacks
Question 4 I figure that most of us ladies out there are bargain shoppers and that we find ways to save money, but what is one thing that you don't mind spending your bucks on? We save everywhere we can. Big Daddy also has a second name and it uses the word, Tightwad in it. But through this the plan is to retire at 53. Of course we live hand to hand now-on tightwad's frugal budget. Any where we have not scrimped, and it has been lately, has been home purchases like the doors, lawnmowers, window blinds...things that will be around for a long time. Home items. Oh and please let me throw in Big Daddy's computer and electronic equipment!!! Which he claims must be "top notch" because it is his "Bread and Butter". Gosh, I hope he reads this.
Bonus Questions
Question 5 Is it hard for you to ask some to forgive you when you have wronged them? I think by nature it is hard to swallow pride and admit wrong, but I think I am pretty good at it. I also am one, if you have wronged me and are sincere in an apology, all is forgiven. I know people that carry awful grudges and I hurt for them to know the burden it must be in their heart.
Question 6 Give one of your best parenting tips...something that you have learned through experience... I completely agree with Toknowhim on this one, " One big thing that I have learned is to be authentic with your kids...tell them if you have messed up, and don't be afraid to tell them sorry or ask their forgiveness if you have wronged them. I have done this a time or two " but I will also add consistency in all you do and always be forthcoming on the hugs and I love you's.


Toknowhim said...

I really liked your answer to the first are right about women being more likely to gossip than men do... I too have shared your embarrassing moment, just in a different way (the trampoline), and you are right too about being consistent with your children.. that is a key to success.


Family O'Foxes said...

good parenting advice! :)
P.s. also not a coffee drinker

Jessica said...

Being gossiped about is worse! I agree!

Leigh said... too. been there done that. Ug! Love your meme.
family o foxes- enjoyed visting your blog!
jessica-it is wildfire and just as distructive....

Lana G! said...

I agree on question 1. Wildfire for sure! I like to get tea drinks as well as coffee from Starbucks. Their hot chocolate is yummy too!