Thursday, January 31, 2008

Organic Suds

...Speaking of the bloggy giveaways....last week I entered one of the contest and won this delicious bar of English Rose Goat Milk Soap. I received it in the mail yesterday and am looking forward to finding the perfect time to escape for a nice hot soak in the bath. This will provide me just the right excuse to act on it.

If you want your own bar of this luxurious soap, check out Organtic Suds. They specialize in homemade sops, lotions and sea salt scrubs (Oh, yes! Just what this bod needs in the dea of winter!)

Perfect for gift giving or to pamper your Valentine!

For more information email Pam at or web


Lulu said...

Mmm...I'm sure that it smells good.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Sound fabulous!! Organic soap!

kari & kijsa

Abbey Road -- said...

Were you on the Christmas Parade Committee? (I don't see too well but saw that photo in the Helena News last night!) You go girl!!

Can you tell, I'm trying to keep a stiff upper lip!

HEWY said...

If you sent me that, I would have eaten half of it before I would have saw the word soap.

Leigh said...

Lulu & Kari & Kijsa I cannot wait to try it out!
Abbey-I was indeed! Wow! You have good eyes. The picture from the HCN is also on my blog on the right.
Hewy,No Kidding! It does sound delicious, doesn't it? LOL!