Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's all Relative

(Picture is my dad on the left and Uncle Joe on the right)
I got to spend time with my Aunt Gloria and Uncle Joe yesterday. Although, our visit wasn't long enough, it was great to see them! My mother and aunt refused for their pictures to be taken. I did manage to get one of my dad and Joe.
I am hoping that my aunt and uncle will come back through town soon. I am also hopeful of making a Dallas trip this summer to see them.

My aunt and uncle brought my parents the most wonderful caramel cake. It is from Sue's Cakes and Candies, located in Calera, or was it Clanton? Apparently it is a very popular bakery. My mother said that recently Southern Living featured the bakery. Fortunately I am not a huge sweets person (my weakness is starches and cheese) so it wasn't to tempting. I did try a bite and it was very good. I am going to try and scope this place out sometime in the near future. In the meantime....couldn't you just slice yourself a piece? I know. Bad for dieters. Sorry....


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Oh, that cake looks delicious!! I love spending time with famiy. :)

Abbey Road -- said...

Holy Moly, how I LUV me some carmel cake!!!!!!!! BTW - how'd you get a photo op with the Honorable Riley and the missus? You cute thing, you!!

Nice to see that someone else loves their family, family other than just parents and kids and all, like I do. I love my Uncle and my aunts so much, too!!!

Leigh said...

Welcome & Abbey, the cake was good!! And Yes indeed! There is nothing like family.
Abbey-I had lunch with the gov and misses. I was invited to the private Christmas at the mansion, but I have no idea how! LOL! I got to bring a guest. Big Daddy didnt want to go. He is an introvery, so I took my mom. They gave us both the nicest little parting gift. A candle with some words of appreciation typed on it. (Everyone that went got one). I also brought them a host gift. I brought them a Christopher Radco Christmas ornament. It was a Heart with the american flag on it.
And before anyone ask...the food WAS AWESOME!!