Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Celebrity Look Alikes

">MyHeritage - free family trees, genealogy and face recognition

Ok, this was fun. Here is a web site that my brother sent me where you can upload a face shot and then see what celebrities you most look like. I was honestly really fearful of what I might see. I imaged to see Mama Cass on my collage, though she is not (thank you.) I did note that Hally Berry is obviously missing. I know, I my dreams-though any of these on mine would be a dream. I am quite happy with these people as they are all beautiful, perhaps there was a mistake in my face and someone elses, as I look nothing like these folks. My sincere apologies. For I know it must offend them! Sorry to the readers, for it posted like two big pics. I dont know how to fix it, as I am computer illiterate.
Big Daddy was thrilled to be compared to his hero, James Garner, though he wondered aloud why George Clooney was not in his collage grouping. LOL! He was also compared to Josh Groben. Sledge was likened to Sally Field as well as Thandie Newton and Helen Hunt. Sally Field is one of Big Daddy and my favorite actresses. Bama's look alikes were Ashton Kutcher and Jared Leto. JSmooth got a child photo of Angelina Jolie and Fred Savage. Hmm?
I thought you too might like to take a look at This website has a *cool* demo of face recognition. Upload a photo of yourself or family members and it will tell you in a few seconds which celebrity looks just like you! There's more interesting stuff in addition to this demo. is a new community site for keeping in touch with family and friends. It includes photo sharing with face recognition technology, online family trees, family event calendars, a genealogy search engine and free genealogy software. Take a look!

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Jessica said...

Leigh- you are gorgeous!! Kate Winslet AND Angelina Jolie! Woo Hooo! : )