Saturday, January 12, 2008

Heather, In Memory

Today would have been my friend Heather's 38th birthday. I just wanted to acknowledge her and the friend she was to me. I celebrate her life.


Sandy said...

Thanks for your comment at my place. I read Heather's story and it brought me to tears. My first husband was killed Easter Sunday 1974 in a vehicle accident. It never goes away, does it?

Heather was lucky to have a friend like you.

Leigh said...

Oh, Sandy! I am so sorry for your loss. You are correct-it is always there. I am who I am today becasue if it...but that's not so bad (smile). I always appreciate life.
I am sorry your pain came of a day where there should be such celebration. But know he is with the Lord and a great celebration in Heaven.
My condolances. Thanks for stopping by!

Jessica said...

Oh, Leigh! She is a beautiful girl. I know she must have been a very special woman to you. I admire you for remembering her! We have to keep the memories of our loved ones alive, and blogging is a great tool to do it!

HEWY said...

That's a sad story. I had not seen that post. I hope you got through the day ok?

Leigh said...

Thanks Jessica.
Hewy, I appreciate that. I will do ok, for I tend not to dwell on her short life but I celebrate the time I had with her and the memories I am blessed with. Thanks for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Abbey Road -- said...

You know in your heart that she was in your life for the best of reasons ... because God put her there for you ... her loss touched many, I know, in a positive way, I know because that is His will. God bless you and know that Heather is most likely the strongest of guardian angels of you and your family.