Friday, January 18, 2008

For Ladies Only, Unless Your Mind Inquires & Curiosity Kills You

I am going to call my doctor today and schedule the Novasure procedure I have been looking forward to. I say this as I start my menstrual cycle today. Sorry to any men who may read, but it is a fact of life. And, as most of you have gathered there is really not much I will not discuss (relating only to my own life). In my life, what was once a monthly nuisance is now a extremely painful, heavy and sometimes briefly debilitating experience. It seems that when I hit 30 things changed. This can completely have me out of circulation for a day or two-until the symptoms subside. Not much is helpful to receive relief. At the least I will soak in the tub or lie in bed with a heating pad and nurse the pain with RX Naproxin. Let it be noted that I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. I had three children practising natural childbirth. OUCH!
I admit, when I was younger I just didn't get the whole PMS thing. I sided with the guys in that I thought it was something made up or exaggerated. I now pay for that thought. Speaking of thoughts, this time of month has even allowed me to experience depression. I found myself crying for no reason at all during the time of menstruation. It was terrible. It scared me. It upset my family to find themselves living with a stranger (me) for 2 weeks of the month. I am by nature a generally upbeat positive person. I am a "glass half full", never a pessimist, always toting that "it's in God's hands". This scared me so bad that I high tailed it to the doctor who put me on Prozac to take for the 2 weeks prior and even then if I feel it necessary. I HATE to take medication. Anything stronger than Tylenol effects me and I hate not feeling like me but that is what it had come to. I wasn't "me". I rarely take the Prozac now, but am glad that I have it on hand if I ever feel that way again. I was so happy when my doctor discussed the Novasure procedure. At the time, i was unfamiliar with it. I felt such an urgency about having it done after our discussion, but have put it off until after the holidays. The procedure is only a 5 minute one, can be done in the doctors office. Patients are allowed to leave from the office within the half hour (cannot drive yourself home though). My doctor said he advised doing the procedure on a Friday to have a weekend of recovery, but did say that you really could go into work the next day, assuming your duties were not labor laden. I post all of this so that if there is anyone out there who has experienced any of these symptoms, know that you do not have to suffer.
If you are interested in learning more go to
I will let you all know when I am scheduled and give you details following the procedure.


lex said...

im just gonna pretend i didnt even glance at this one

HEWY said... eyes. I read to much!;)

Leigh said...

AH HAHAHAA! Hewy & Lex-I warned you. Men! Couldn't stand it could ya? I am so laughing.

Anonymous said...

I had this done four years ago. I had to stay for a few hours for observation, went home, had a slight discharge once a month for about four months, and then nothing. Yahoo!!! Now, alas, I think I may be Premenopausal, as I am experiencing some flushes now and then, but at 50, I guess thats normal. I would have done this so much sooner if it had been available. Take care, you will do fine.