Friday, December 21, 2007

Rx-Stay Home

Though I feel about the same today, my affliction isn't any worse. I think I will pull through. (smile) I think the doctor was a bad idea. I chickened out on going there. I called the office yesterday to make an appointment, they answered and immediately put me on hold. As I sat there I couldn't help but think....the place is busy, I am on hold, lots of people. Germs, germs, germs,.....and I hung up.
I am going to try and mend at home.....No telling what I could have left with....Lipschkinstien Disease or something....(Lipschkinstien disease was a name my uncle Freddy used to tell me he was sick with when he felt "puny". I think it was a name he made up, as he was quite a character. If he could have it, I am sure it would've read on his death certificate that was what he had eventually died of. God bless him. He was funny)
I hope all of you in bloggerville are well and knee deep in holiday baking. I plan to do that on Sunday. Tonight's plans are to go to Tuscaloosa for a Christmas movie night at my brother and sister in law's home.


Anonymous said...

Hey if you really get to feeling lousy run by The Urgent Care on Hwy 31 about 2 blocks down from Home Depot. I've walked in twice and never waited much more than the time it took to fill out the paper work. No germs were quick enough to land on me. Docs were VERY nice. If I suspected I had some horrible disease it wouldn't be my first choice but for crud, flu etc they were great

Leigh said...

Oooohhhhh! That is great to know. Anywhere you have to sit and wait less is good. Even when I have an appointment at my doc I end up being at the office for 2 hours. It is ridiculous. Thanks for the tip!