Friday, December 21, 2007

That's the Night that the Lights went out in Helena

After a day of much needed rain (we got a whole 1/2 inch) the rain slacked off as the day began to draw to a close. It was strange, one minute is was overcast and then literally seconds later a brillant pinkish and orange cast shown down from the sky. "Momma! Look the grass is pink like the sky", exclaimed J Smooth. Everything did look pink, as the glow was so intense. I grabbed my camera and went outside. The clouds circled and raced about the sky, as the winds began to pick up. Eventually the gust reached 50 MPH. As quickly as the beauty came, it also left. After 5-10 minutes, it was pitch black outside. The power flickered off and on, and then finally stayed off (for what was to be a couple hours). I heard that a tree was blown over on some power lines.
It was pitch black. I lit some candles, fixed the kids some PB& J's. The older 2 children told ghost stories, which scared J Smooth (who ended up sleeping in my room last night). It was really kind of nice. Sister Sledge and I ended up going outside into the still (the winds had died down by this time) and quite darkness, holding hands we walked and talked about life. It was as if we were the only people i the world. The only reminders were other homes flickering inside by candle light as we walked past. I enjoyed it. It is nice to be reminded sometimes to take the time to really , really listen and enjoy the company of those we love...or at least the boredom and fighting begins and that it did. Just in time the power was returned and life was almost normal in the lives of the circus...

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