Monday, December 31, 2007

ROLL ON Skate Queens!

Today I took Sister Sledge, J Smooth and one of Sledge's friends to Roller Motion Skate Center. If I don't keep skating, I may just forget how to before the roller derby team comes to term. We had alot of fun, though it was tiring as I had to literally hold Smooth up to keep him from falling down. There were a few brief moments that I got to take a roll around alone but those were slim.
The rink did do something cute for the kids...they had a "Kiddie countdown" to New Years and then dropped balloons and gave out horns , (yes, it did get to be a bit much, ok-alot, but the kids enjoyed it) it was neat.
Something funny did happen while we were there. When we arrived, I gave the kids their skate tickets to get skates. I have my own skates and sat down to put them on, when I noticed a lady behind me that looked very familiar. "Er, excuse me, mam? Miss Bossy Pants?" She looked at me hesitantly before confessing that she was indeed Miss Bossy Pants, author of one of the Helena blogs I often read. She knew me immediately too, which was a hoot. What had a good laugh, as we both recognized one another from our blogs but had never even met. She was there with her lovely family and a friend, who she kindly introduced me to. Being that we were both in the house of motion, I asked her if she was a skater and if she would be interested in joining a roller derby team. "Nope". But her friend did tell me that-hold your breath people- there IS A ROLLER DERBY TEAM IN B'HAM!!!!!! Come on, people! Why did I not know this? She promised me that she would send some info about the team, as she knows some of the members.
I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight, thinking that this could possibly, just maybe, could potentially be the year of me actually becoming a part of a roller derby team...that is if they will have me. I will have to go to the Roller Motion more often to fine tune the curves. It could happen! And you all thought I was joking! Heck no! Just come out and watch!
Miss Bossy Pants- so nice to actually and formally meet you and your family! ROLL ON!
*Update-the city roller derby team is Tragic City Rollers Thanks Bossy Pants, for sending!


Anonymous said...

I sent you the photos and the link for Tragic city Rollers! It was great to meet you, little girl had a great time learning to skate and of course her tales now are much braver than the actual outing itself.

HEWY said...

LOL that is great! I will be afriad to skate with you two if ya'll form a roller derby team.

Next time I goto roller derby, I will be looking over my shoulder :)

Leigh said...

Bossy Pants-thanks for the link. I emailed , LOL..."Dixie Thrash" to get information.
Hewy-you're welcome to skate anytime. We were trying to figure out your identity. Your ears must have been burning...

roxy ramjett said...

not only does Birmingham have a league, we have one of the best leagues in the Southeast, so it's lucky you're close to a good one ;-)

you are more than welcome to come to a practice. we have just gotten back from holiday break, so our first practice of the new year is this thursday from 8:30 to 10:30.

the founder of our league, Dixie Thrash, could probably give you some pointers on getting something started out in Helena. so come and skate and hang out with us sometime. if not this thursday, our regular practivce hours are then tuesdays and thursday from 8:30 to 10"30 and wednesdays from 8 to 10. we practice at Funtime Skate Center in Fultondale, which is right off Hwy 31 before you hit Gardendale.

lemme know if i can help you with anything else! and we look forward to seeing ya!

-roxy ramjett

Leigh said...

HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!!!
It's ON! Ok, I need some cheering on!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh I don't know whether to laugh or cry about this....should I start lining up the babysitters for late night practice sessions?

Leigh said...

Bossy-Line 'em up!

roxy said...

if you post a blog about this, mention our rookie week!!! there are details about that on the forum. any of your pals could come as well--the more the merrier!

see ya soon!