Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve and What to do?

Happy New Years Eve to All!

I don't know yet what the plan for this evening is. My family was invited to my friend Flo and Sean's house for a New Years Party. There was also an invite by my family in Glencoe to their annual Eve get together. I also found out that Big Daddy's brother called and asked if he could come over and watch the football game at our house, as did my friend Janet and Allison. Who knows what tonight will hold. We are blessed to have such "problems". I am sure that in any case we will be in good company and among loved ones. I hope the same for all of you in Bloggerville.
Wishing everyone much love, health and happiness in the year 2008!


HEWY said...

Happy new years!

Jessica said...

Leigh, I'm so glad you stumbled onto my blog! I love meeting new friends! You have a really great blog- I love all of your pictures! Come seeme again soon!

Jessica said...

You are going to kill me for leaving all of these comments, but I wanted to answer your questions one by one. Ha!

I bought the frames, and dolled them up with a boa, ribbon, and antiques brooches.

Jessica said...

I charge $35.00 per tile, and that includes my supplies and labor. I will definitely post some pics of some examples after the new year. I would love to make one for you!

jennyhope said...

i have NO plans! I think I am going to take Morgan to eat! happy new years!

Leigh said...

Thanks Hewy! Same to you!
Jessica-thanks for answering my questions. You are very talented! I appreciate your response!I will check your blog for pictures.
Jenny Hope-I hope you and Morgan had a wonderful outtting and a very good meal.
Happy New Year to all, my blogging friends!