Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Christmas Wrap

It went as quickly as it came....Christmas. All in my house this year were overcompensated by Santa and richly blessed by the Lord. The kids were excited to get the Wii. Even I, who am NOT a computerized game lover, actually highly enjoyed playing it. It will be a game that our entire family can and will play together. I really didn't even know what a Wii was when I was searching for one, only to know it was a game system. I am very impressed with the technology of being an interactive game, in the way of actually acting out roles. Pretty cool. I am already wanting the guitar hero version. My son, Bama and his friends came over one night with the playstation version and gave me quick lesson and I loved it. I got to live out my own fantasies that night, to the embarrassment of my children.
Big Daddy really liked his Samford Hall/Auburn painting I made for him. Bama equally loved the Denny Chimes one his grandmother made him. Big Daddy had asked for a big obnoxious orange jersey that he could wear (to of all places!) work and at home-to which he received. Sister Sledge got a guitar. The next thing on the agenda is to get her guitar lessons, preferably from the highly talented Chris Griffin of Act of Congress. I was thrilled when he told me that he is a teacher of guitar. J Smooth got enough plastic swords and shields, and knight and pirate paraphernalia to command even the biggest of ships and take on the biggest of army's. He also got an electronic drum kit. For Bama, with the family band theme, he was not be left out! As he received both a triangle and a tambourine (wink). LOL! He also got plenty of U of Alabama merchandise as well as basketball tickets. I received a large jewelry box, you know, the ones that stand like a piece of furniture. It was my request. I have no jewelry of real value, as most of it is costume-I require nothing of great monetary worth as I could care less if it is real or not, but it was imperative to me that there was a better organizational system. I am thrilled to have gotten it. I got some other nice things, Big Daddy and the circus are always so kind and go out together on a particular night and shop solely for me. I find it so kind and thoughtful.
There was a great feast at my mother's house, many bother and sister in law and their children, my aunt, uncle and cousin from Gadsden, my husbands family from Tuscaloosa, my sister in law's parents from Childersburg, cousins from Atlanta, friends... it was wonderful. That is one crowd I do love! I always am happy to see a houseful of loved ones.
I gave Big Daddy an 80's "Name that Tune" game DVD that everyone seemed to enjoy playing. The girl cousins all got Hannah Montana wigs & microphones from my parents so their day was spent fantasizing what it would be like to be in Hannah's shoes. The boy cousins were roped into playing the male roles on the TV show It was funny to watch.
My aunt Wanda gave all of the women aprons. We made our picture wearing them. The kindness of giving was generous, as even my brother in law had specially picked out something for me, a gorgeous decoration that I had admired on his Christmas tree at his home last weekend. He went and purchased me my own version. Of course, my parents went above and beyond, as they do each year. They are always certain to see that we have adequate to open. I needn't open a thing to feel there love, but my mother in particular frets over having "enough' for everyone. She is so thoughtful in that way. They are generous people.
It was a wonderful Christmas! But what I think of most, is the gift of Christ. I lay awake in bed last night enveloped in His love. And I still cannot, in my small brain, comprehend the love he has for all of us. As a parent I have a good idea, though the true love of the Lord cannot saturate my mind for it is so strong and big and beyond the Heaven's. What I do know is, I AM BLESSED!
So, here we are on "the day after" when my chore of sorting and organizing begins. All the toys, the food, the decorations, cards, someplace to put it all. So, the day before me will be on of much labor as I drive into what could potentially be a never ending can of worms. There is much to do and little time to accomplish it all. At this point the consideration of renting a bulldozer is a thought...
I hope that your Christmas was equally as blessed.


Anonymous said...

"sorting and organizing " is that why this day is known as Boxing Day ? It's on my calendar

Leigh said...

Perhaps so? Or it's me "boxing " up my goods and moving to that deserted tropical island...and leaving the fmaily with this mess.