Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bad Start

I woke this morning from the most horrible, terrible dream. It was so realistic. I woke myself up...the screaming coming from myself in my dream was horrifying. Thank goodness no one heard me. I would've scared the kids to death. I do that, scream in my sleep but usually I cannot recall it. I talk in my sleep too. My husband tells me all kinds of things that he claims I say or do but I think he might be pulling my leg? Actually not, other people have witnessed it as well. Anyway.....a horrible dream. I woke up crying. J Smooth walked into my room and asked me to open a Lego box. Thank goodness he didn't notice my tears. I just took the box into the bathroom with me and boohooed. Strange, although I am quite aware it was just a dream, it shook me to the core. Thus I cannot think of much more to post about this morning.
I can say that The Circus had the most delightful supper with our friends, the Young family, last night at La Fiesta. Bama brought his friend Daniel, which has become my third son, with us. We had a group of 11 and were accommodated nicely. La Fiesta is one of my most favorite Mexican places, if not the favorite. The food is always suburb. I grew up in that area and have been eating there for over 20 years, thus is probably why I have such an affinity for that place. It was one of the first Mexican places around. Now a dime a dozen, La Fiesta still reigns in my book. I think it is the hot salsa. I like it hot, and there it is most often on the more heated side.
I am off now, the donation truck is coming tomorrow and I plan to fill it up with things I have stock piled in my basement. I was holding out for a garage sale, but last time I had one I think I made 16 bucks, after I took out for the ad in the paper. Not worth it. It will go to a good well as a tax write off.
I may post more about "Rambling"!
Good day!


Abbey Road -- said...

Leigh, you are such a kindred spirit! I dream so vividly, but nobody I know dreams like I do. It is so unsettling, isn't it? I can't help but think that dreams have deep meaning. My deceased brother came to me a few months ago, after 20 years, for the first time. He had a glow about him and he embraced me and said "I love you sister". I knew in my heart that this meant that all my prayers for him had released him into a brighter existence. I have nightmares and dreams that I wonder endlessly about their meaning. Feel free to email me some details and we can compare notes! All is well here and we had an awesome Christmas. Hope you did, too! God bless you always.


HEWY said...

Night Terrors. Not good. I have done that a couple of times. I had a doctor once tell my sister to eat foods with high amounts of Potassium like bannanas.

I don't know if that is true but my sister said it worked.

Leigh said...

I'll give it a try Hewy.

Leigh said...

Abbey Road, I think we have ALOT of similarities and share the same beliefs.