Monday, December 24, 2007

Bowling Brat's

Last night we took the circus bowling. The scores were as follows:
Big Daddy 148
Sister Sledge 91
J Smooth 84
Tuiren 68
Bama 67
Me 60
Bama claims he will never bowl again. He is competitive and couldn't stand to loose. Me, am terrible athletically so I am used to it. Tuiren had not bowled in 31 years. Big Daddy did well. He took bowling in college and seems to have not forgotten how it was done. It was a nice night to go, as most people were probably in the midst of last minute shopping.
In the photo of J Smooth, he is showing off his newest injury. On Friday, between complaints of boredom (when does school start back?) he and his sister were playing hide and seek in the house (against house rules). He ran smack into the door frame. This was 2 days ago and his injury continues to progress into worse and far uglier contortions and contusions. When it initially happened it was very swollen, looking something similar to the elephant man. Today the swelling continues down his nose and he has one black eye, with the other eye looking suspect. The injury has even progressed since the picture was taken. His sister says, "He doesn't even look like my brother". At least he says it doesn't hurt-anymore. I hope I did the right thing by not taking him in. I figure as long as the swelling is outward it is ok? I continue to watch him closely.
Thus far this Christmas break: A black eye, swollen nose, busted head, dog fight, dog "attack" on one of Bama's friends (no bloodshed, actually chased after one of them. It was really funny. This tiny 15 pound dog chasing after a 6 foot 3 inch athlete and watching the young man run like it was a monster. I have such a sich sense of humor...), numerous sibling arguments, a few accusations of living with someone in the house who is Scrooge. I keep waiting for the Jerry Springer Show to arrive on my doorstep. Tell me my household is not the only one....
Peace on Earth.

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