Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Waterton Lakes

Yesterday I got the opportunity to finally visit the sub division that my Dad and his business partners are developing. The subdivision is called Waterton Lakes. Waterton Lakes is situated on 250 acres of pristine natural landscape. Located near Tannehill Statepark, this historic parcel of land played an integral part in the development of the city of Birmingham. Once mined for its rich minerals and ore that were fed into the local furnaces that helped build the city. The land offers traces of it's part in history in the cival war. Years later the area of land became a vacation spot known as "Southwinds", where families would come to swim and picnic. I can only imagine the memories and historical revalence that was built on the land.

Waterton Lakes has returned to its original state for it's homeowners enjoyment. Plants and trees have taken back the land and the deep pits have filled over time providing you a water sanctuary for boating and fishing. Mounds of iron ore rise above the earth , beckoning visitors to investigate the history. The development includes an Island Park and Recreation area as well as walking trails encompassing a well stocked 30 acre lake. Wildlife abounds in this secluded location that's surprisingly only minutes from I-20/59. It is located in the historical and growing area of Tannehill.

As I walked through the wooded trails, I couldn't help but gawk at the site of the enormous boulders and rock formations that peeked out of the wooded areas. As I got a closer look, I couldn't help but think that the formations closely resembled hornets nest. My dad told me that they had a geologist come out and survey the land and rocks. The rocks are 300-600 million years old, according to experts who have been out to the property. It was quite breathtaking. I have never seen anything like it in this area. I would expect to see rock formations such as these in the smokies or along a mountainous area. I was thrilled to know that the natural surroundings will be preserved, as that is the goal at Waterton Lakes. No mow and go development here. At Waterton Lakes the developers are doing all they can to allow the natural integrity be undisturbed, and even accentuated by providing walking trails, etc. The following slide show I hope will allow people to see the natural beauty that is Waterton Lakes. I am saving my $$ for my home site!

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