Wednesday, November 7, 2007

She works hard for the M$NEY

A blogger friend ("For the Love") of mine had blogged recently about how the Census Bureau had telephoned her about the questionnaire she recently filled out. On it she listed her job positions as police officer, maid, chauffeur, etc. Yes! Of course she does all of these things and more. She, like myself, is a stay at home mom. A couple years ago I came across a web site called Mom Salary Wizard. On it moms everywhere can calculate what dollar amount equivalent that moms would be paid for their respective positions. Working moms, stay at home moms-all qualify and work equally as hard. Findings are based on such things as number and age of children, your local area and just a few of the jobs that is expected of us. This is an average. It then adds up the numbers and it tells you what you are your worth as a mom.
Yes, sometimes we have to find our worth elsewhere because it is totally taken for granted. Here's a tip...I printed my check out, had my husband sign it (Perhaps it will hold in court if he should ever think he can find someone to "work" cheaper-highly doubtful). I then framed it and hung it in my kitchen for all to be reminded of my worth and vitality to this family. Luckily, it is a job I enjoy more than anything, thus I do work for no pay but what I get far exceeds any monetary amount I could ever expect. But, shhh, that's our little secret.
To print your check:
To read For the Love's insightful blog on this :168 Hour Work Week

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