Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Slabhouse Restaurant

On the way home from a Saturday hike Big Daddy and I , along with my parents stopped off at a restaurant in Bibb County on Highway 12/13 called The Slabhouse Restaurant. I was surprised to find the country place crowded-which was a good sign. We were seated immediately and were seated close to the glassed in smoke pit, where you can view your supper being cooked over the open flame. For supper I ordered just a grill cheese with fries and ring combo. Big Daddy ordered the grilled pork chop (comes with 2). My mother got the fried shrimp and baked potato. My dad opted for the hamburger steak with gravy and grilled onions with fries. The meals all came with the salad bar. Luckily no one filled up on the salad, for it wasn't long before our meals came. All entree's looked delicious, and was found to be so at first bite. We all shared and sampled from each other's plates. The Slab Restaurant is a place that my husband and I will defiantly go back to. From our town of Helena it is about 13 miles down highway 13. The drive is a nice country one. The Slab is closed on Monday and Tuesday. There are nightly specials, which include catfish and shrimp on the specials menu.


HEWY said...

Wow! I've seen the place but was too scared to try. Now I have confidence to eat there.

Leigh said...

Hewy, I think you will be pleasantly surprised! Just be sure to go in on a day that they are open. It's a hole in the wall, but I love mom and pop type places. Get the onion rings.