Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fishing at Waterton Lakes

On Saturday afternoon my husband and I rode out with my parents to the Waterton Lakes development. Big Daddy had not had the chance to see my dad's new subdivision. With kids all off in different locations (Bama at the game and the other two watching Bee Movie with Grandma Tuiren), it was quiet. We all got to cast our lines in hopes of catching the big one. However, the big one was smarter than we, for we never got even so much as a bite. We then decided to burn some calories for a hike around the entire grounds. I was glad that Big daddy got to see the big rocks. Our hope is to soon gather the entire family for a hayride and camp out-and another try at landing the big fish.

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Abby said...

ahh!! i used to go fishing with my best friend in middle school almost every sunday after church...i haven't been in so long and your pictures made me smile!! :) how cute are you!!! :D (i've been scatter-brained, but i'm gonna post later today!! *grin*)