Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our Day at Magic Kingdom

Disney World , I am certain, evokes many fond memories for people. It truly is a magical place.When we began our day on Saturday at the Magic Kingdom Park we left early for the kingdom (8 AM) by the charter bus provided by the hotel. Because we stayed in Disney Hotels the park was open an hour early to Disney Hotel guest before it was open to the public. We took advantage of this and found the park almost vacant when we arrived. For the first 3-4 rides (about an hour) we had absolutely no wait, walking right up and getting on a ride. It was great. Then the crowds came, which we expected. It wasn't to bad, being that it was an "off season" for Disney (October, as November begins the holiday season).
The kids really enjoyed themselves. It was funny to watch Sledge on Splash Mountain. She was so distraught while on the ride, crying big crocodile tears with anticipation of the big free fall drop into the water, yet she had her hands held high in the air. After it was all over, she deemed it her favorite ride at Disney. Her second choice was another near disaster. By the time we got to the Toontown area to ride the kiddy coaster, the line was pretty long. Sledge, after walking around all day was tired and agitated. She boohooed, not wanting to ride the coaster. She claimed her stomach hurt-but I know my daughter. Yes, I am sure I sound like a bad parent for making my child ride a ride that they were frightened of, but I wanted them to see that it was fun and to learn to be brave. Also, we had make a pact of majority rule, if someone wanted to ride, we would go by majority so it would be fair to the family. It was a long wait with a crying child, on the verge of hysteria. We finally boarded the coaster and I turned around to snap some shots of Sledge sitting in tears with her daddy. As the ride took off, I continued to snap away and got some priceless pictures. As the coaster pulled in after the ride, Sledge was all smiles. She pronounced that her second favorite ride.
We went on to ride almost everything in the park, except for space mountain, for which the line was to long and "fast pass" was closed by the time we got there (fast pass is a pass that allows you to return in a certain time frame to shorten wait times). We took in the fireworks as we waited in line for the rocket ships, then the lighted Disney characer parade and then it was off to bed (11 pm!) to rest up for Epcot the next day.


HEWY said...

That was awesome. I hope your family wins the free night in Disney Castle!!

lex said...

is it just me or does tom look scared

Leigh said...

HAHA! Tom was about had it with Elaina's drama. I will have to post the video of that. My kids will one day punish me for these videos. But they are so precious.

Leigh said...

ME too Hewy! I would love to be princess for a day!

theresa said...

I like your blog. It is nice to read about things other families do. Kind of gives me ideas for my family. We went to Disney last year the Friday before Thanksgiving and came home the Friday after. It was wonderful! Not crowded and not hot. But I hear that after Thanksgiving it is crowded. Get this, one of the days it snowed in Orlando. The locals were saying it had not snowed in 10 years. Leave it up to us to bring it with us! Made good Christmas card pictures with the kids though! Glad I found your blog!

Leigh said...

Thanks Teresa!
I cannot imagine it snowing in Orlando!! That is awesome. My kids only dream of snow. On the way home from Orlando we were planning our next big family trip and all the kids requested snow. I am looking into some places that will qualify. If you know any, let me know. Someone recommened Snowshoe...I think it was called. I know it was in either Virginia or NC, perhaps Maine.
I am glad your family had a nice trip. THX for reading the blog. I get so excited to get post. It's like NOT getting a bill in the mail!(smile)