Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Not that there's anything wrong with it..."

The title of the post comes from an infamous Seinfeld episode. I have 2 funny stories that can also fit into that category.

The first was a trip to a local park with my three children as well as my 2 nieces. After playing on the playground for awhile, we decided to take a walk around a walking track. My oldest son walked ahead a piece, as his legs are much longer that of his smaller siblings and cousins. Moments later he walked up to me and whispered in my ear, "Mom, don't go down that way." He obviously saw my confusion. "There are a couple of lesbian women down there by the creek It looks kind of private. I don't think we should go down there".
"How do you know they are lesbians?" "Because they were holding hands". Well we can just walk down there and go on by. So along we went. Certain enough there beside the creek sat two beautiful women, sitting close and holding hands. As I got closer, one of them spoke, "Hey Leigh!" My son shot a look of shock in my direction, wondering how I knew them. Contemplating that perhaps I led a double life. "Hey Michelle! What are you doing here?" "We came down here for some privacy. We are working through some things". "Oh, I see. Well, it was good to see you!" and we walked on past. Bama asked me, "Mom, how to you know them?" "Bama, Michelle is my friend. The other lady is her daughter, you dufus!". I got such a laugh out of it. I didn't mention it to Michelle until today. We both laughed so hard. Michelle is a grandmother. A beautiful woman who looks to be in her early 30's. Her daughter is in college. She explained that place by the creek is their special spot to have mother/daughter talks. How sweet.

Another funny and mistaken sexual orientation...My friend Randy moved to Texas and has lived with a male coworker, Jimmy, for over a year. Both of their families continue to reside in Alabama. The men cut cost by sharing an apartment in TX and drive into work together. One weekend Jimmy's wife, Karen went to Texas to visit Jimmy. They decided to rent some movies. Karen went to the video store by herself with her husband's video card in hand. After selecting the movies she went to the register. The man asked for the account name. "Jimmy Standbridge", answered Karen. The attendant punched in some keys on his computer..."I have a Jimmy and Randy Standbridge". At that moment Karen lost it. She had to practically pick herself off the floor. She explained to the attendant that Jimmy and Randy are not a "couple" just "roommates".

So, two stories that I have laughed at. Again, I just think of the line in that Seinfeld episode when Jerry and George are perceived as gay. "NO! I'm not gay....not that there's anything wrong with it! & "I've been outed, but I was never in".

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