Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beware-The Golden Compass is a "golden way" for it's Writers to introduce Aetheism to your Children.

I am a bit applaud at what I am hearing about a movie that is to be released soon and almost hate to waste any space on my blog about it. I feel like I am promoting this somehow, but I want to alert parents about this. You may already know about this, but this is a kids movie coming out in December starring Nicole Kidman. It's called The Golden Compass, and while it will be a watered down version, it is based on a series of children's books about killing God (It is the anti-Narnia). From what I understand, the hope is to get a lot of kids to see the movie - which won't seem too bad - and then get the parents to buy the books for their kids for Christmas. The quotes from the (atheist) author sum it all up. This is my effort to tell everyone about this movie. I cannot imagine anything more satisfying for an atheist than to sell this movie and series to unsuspecting families at CHRISTMAS!!!

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Anonymous said...

Very bad movie. Here's a link to a Fox News review.,2933,305487,00.html