Wednesday, October 17, 2007

M$ney and your Child's Future

Are you failing in attempts to try and teach your child the value of a dollar? Do you want to make chores a fun learning experience? If so, I found some great web sites for teaching your children skills of saving. Through these web sites you can teach your children skills that they will use for the rest of their lives and hopefully offer them a secure future, and as a bonus-it's fun! kids set up their own company online, offering chores as their services. Moms and dads can either pay with real $$ for work done or award them "diditz", virtual currency kids can use to buy real stuff at the sites online store. this site teaches your future banker everything from how interest us accrued to how she can set up a banker account to using quirky cartoon characters. She can even use the calculator to find out how many years it will take to become a millionaire. This site lets kids make real-life decisions, such as what career they want, how they'd like to invest their money, and what they want to spend it on (keeping in mind they still have to pay for living expenses and income taxes). The goal? Save at least $1,000.

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