Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dog Dazed

This week 2 of my friends have had to make the heart breaking decision to put their beloved dogs to sleep. It is such a heart rendering decision to make. It is hard to know when it's "time". Sometimes what is resolved and understood in our minds is difficult to come to terms with in our heart. I have posted my own personal story about my beloved dog, Tesla, on this blog before. I am putting a link at the bottom of this post about Tesla's life and what it meant to me and the decision to humanely end her life. I hope that it might bring some peace to my friends. Life does go on. While today might be difficult, I hope that the memory and blessed time that you did spend together brings you peace. Know there is no longer any suffering. My heart goes out to you.
Peace be with Sugar and Missy. They will be sorely missed but never forgotten, for all the love they gave will endure the rest of our lifetimes. Indeed, mans best friend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Leigh...that was sweet. We really do miss her. Was this Missy as in Janet's Missy? I had no idea! Jean

Leigh said...

Yes. Janet had Dr Day put her down on Friday. so sad for ya'll.