Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Salt and Light

Salt and Light
From the kind, Joan Wilson...thx Joan!

Have you ever wondered
why You are on earth at this time?
Of all the ages we could have been born
We are here now
Each of us a grain of salt
Sprinkled precisely on earth
To prevent total corruption in the
Little dirt patch we have been assigned
Each a ray of light
In a world of darkness
Have you ever tried to be “salty”
Or tried to shine brighter?
Doesn’t work, does it?
For many years I have been working
Leaning how to be who I already am!
Now, the composite Christian
I put together is dying
That old gal has to go
For she obscures the real person
I am
One of the first scriptures that spoke to my heart is John 15:7
If you abide in Me
And My words abide in you
You will ask what you desire
And it shall be done for you
By this my Father is glorified
That you bear much fruit
So will you be My disciples
What did it mean?
I searched definitions of “abide”
So that I could abide
Then I tried to abide but couldn’t
I didn’t want to be one of those branches
That didn’t abide in Him
They were thrown out and burned up!
One little word had messed me up
If you abide in Me
I saw those words from a negative view
I saw “if” as a requirement I had to meet
Oh, glory!
Now I see the “if” from a positive view
I see the “if” as the basis of what already is
I see it as a statement of fact
That we do abide in Him!
All the time!
Whether conscious of this truth or not!
The glory that Christ has given us
Is that through our relationship with Him
We can go directly to God Himself
To know Christ intimately
Is to be given an open door to God
We can meet with Him face to face
And not die!
Instead we are infused
With His life
Made aware of our true state of being
Which is union with God Himself
Recognizing our true identity and His identity
We see He really is our Father
We are His Christ children
In the same lineage as Christ Himself
We don’t have to dress up
Clean up
Beg or plead to contact our Father
We just walk past the world’s
Security guards
Guards who challenge our identity
Because we have no uniform
No title but our name
Doesn’t matter
We just walk past all that
And meet face to face with God Himself
Today, He asked me what I wanted
I saidI want the whole world to know You!
He said,They will

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