Sunday, September 30, 2007

Collinsville Trade Day

Collinsville Trade Day....have you ever been? Certainly, you would remember. Colllinsville, Alabama is located in north east Alabama, half way between Fort Payne and Gadsden. Trade Day is a Saturday tradition, a rural "Galleria". At Trade Day one can find anything from fresh grown vegetables (sold straight off the farmers truck) to antiques, animals, tools, accessories, collectibles and even socks-and everything in between.

To experience Trade Day you have to arrive early. In fact, Trade Day hours begin at about 4:30 AM every Saturday and begins to wind down about lunchtime. A must purchase for Trade Day is the hot and fresh roasted peanuts (the boiled are also good). It is the perfect snack as you shop for that treasure.

The sock industry is very prevalent in this area of Alabama-so it is a perfect place to find a bundle of good thick socks for cheap (from 50 cents a pair to $3 & $5 for a bundle, depending on the dealer). On "coon dog hill" you can shop for pedigree dogs & cats, even birds, chickens, ducks, goats...I have even seen foxes there before-although I don't know if it were legal. A couple years ago there was a big crack down on the purchase of guns (which I have never seen) so if that is your market-that is about the only thing you will not find at trade day. If you find yourself hungry from a morning of shopping, there are many "carnival" type foods available-as well as biscuits and breakfast items.

Trade Day is located on Highway 11 in Collinsville, AL. To get there , take I-59 north from Birmingham, AL. exit at the Collinsville exit, turn right off the interstate...go to the traffic light and turn right onto Highway 11. For a more scenic route, my favorite way is to get off of I-59 at the Gadsden/Reece City exit. turn left and go back over the interstate. Turn right at the traffic light onto Highway 11. Trade Day will be on your left as you enter Collinsville (about 15-20 minutes down the road). Trade Day is open every Saturday early morning to "about lunch time". (From Birmingham, Collinsville is about a 1 and 1/2 hour trip).

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