Friday, July 26, 2013

Product Review: Portable Photography Backdrop Kit

I was recently asked if I would do a product review for The LA Shop. The LA Shop is an online market where one can purchase just about anything, from home d├ęcor items, to automobile supplies to toys and sportswear and everything in between. Seriously!

I chose the 8x10 ft Portable Photography Background Backdrop Stand Kit to review. I have been in the market for just such a stand. I wanted something light in weight, because inevitably hauling a big screen on location only makes for back problems and belly aches. I wanted something easy to assemble. And I wanted something that I wasn't tied down to in background choices. I wanted to be able to chose my own backdrops, and to be able to change out easily. It was a tall order to fill. Which is why I haven't invested in a screen, because I required one with all of those attributes. I was very skeptical of the screen from LA Shop, if it would be adequate.

I received the screen via mail a few days later. It came in a fairly large box. Inside was a carrying case (comes free with the kit) with all of the parts nicely packed inside.

The case was very lightweight, even with all the parts inside. I really liked that the case has built-in small pocket for instruments. Everything fits securely inside and doesn't shift around. It was very portable and convenient to anywhere. Check that off of my wish list. And that was a biggie!

Assembly. The screen itself only has 6 parts, which are the two stand supports and 4 bars which is the frame for a screen. Unfortunate for me, there were no instructions in the kit.

Sure, only 6 parts....but for someone like me, I need-no require- instructions. Fortunately, my husband was skilled enough to put it together in about 2 minutes. So easy.

Especially when someone else does it for you. :)
And that estimate was generous. It was probably much quicker than 2 minutes. After watching him do it, it seemed easy enough. The set up with smoothly, as was breakdown later (which I did myself, thank you very much).
The kit does not provide a backdrop, but I liked that. No cheesy Olan Mills backdrops. I wanted to be able to change out materials and textures. I have some burlap,  some black polyester and some white light blankets with much texture that I like to rotate in and out. For lighter weight fabrics, it will require a clamp to keep it in place. Today I chose a white blanket with some texture, it lay perfectly over the frame. The longer the fabric, the more space to "play", meaning your subject could actually stand on the backdrop if you would like. Speaking of a subject....

After some coercing (NOT) I found myself a model that works on the cheap
("Will Model for Food and Rent").

Sister Sledge has that posing bit down.
I really like this product! I am glad I was able to try the backdrop kit. It certainly fit my needs and  It will come in handy for senior portraits as well as events. It'll also come in handy in blogging for staging pictures. I can think of numerous situations in which I will use it. The only negative isn't really even a negative but more of a comment...I would've appreciated some clamps in the gear bag for securing backdrops and some instructions for people like me. Other than that, its worth its retail price, which is $69.99. And its a gem for any photographer on the go.
Thank you to The LA Shop for allowing me to try out your product!

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Hey...surfing around on your blog to catch up! I am really liking the photo post with the item you tested! "love" ~HM