Thursday, May 24, 2012

Putting some gravel in our travel along the US 11 ANTIQUE ALLEY & YARD SALE

On the backroads of Appalachia for 502 miles from Meridian, Mississippi to Bristol, Virgina is the US 11 ANTIQUE ALLEY & YARD SALE. It's a fun way to get lost on "A" country road, and as the song says...put a lil gravel in your travel. It's just what I did last Friday. The sale is always held the 4-day weekend after Mother's Day in May.

The event  known as "U.S. 11 Antique Alley," is celebrated in each county up and down the US 11 corridor. Each town along the route will plan its own events, as festivals, antique sales, flea markets and yard sales, carnivals, etc., and many other activities to be held in conjunction with the "Happenin." This is an opportunity for folks to do what they like to do best, and that's to get off the interstate highways and take the old roads. Especially on a spring weekend, through the scenic Tennessee Valley and the Heart of Dixie. They can shop for treasures, eat great food, join the festivities, or just enjoy the scenery or the friendly folks.
That's exactly what mother and I did . We mixed and mingled with all sorts of interesting characters along the way. Our first stop was in Springville, Alabama...and what was to be my favorite stop along the route. This sale was held on a front porch of one of the beautiful historic homes in Springville, by THE nicest couple.

Here I purchased this antique basket for $5 (it is sturdy and well aged) and my burlap shopping tote for $1. The lady of the sale even gave me a beautiful pearl rope belt, perfect wrapped around a black dress.....for free!

Our next stop .....I found LOVE.
At a goat farm...

Just look at this cutie...

Honestly, I would've brought him home if I could.
Believe me, I asked. Goat wasn't for sale.
I considered catching him and making a break for it, but this little guy musta read my mind. he had no part of my "KID"napping.

LOL I crack myself up sometimes with my play on words.

But I digress.

There I saw a GORGEOUS authentic cowhide rug in good condition for $75. I went back and forth in my head as to get it or not. Finally deciding against it ...for fear of blowing my budget on just my second stop. I was afraid to risk it. Having second thoughts about it now.

The next stop was between Attalla and Reese City. We met my Aunt and Uncle here so they could enjoy the fun too.

There was lots to see at this stop, which was made up of several vendors in one huge space.
I saw an identical chair that I recently sold to a friend of mine, this one for sale for $45!

This booth was in a tent to keep shoppers shaded and comfortable. the hot southern sun!

My aunt thought of buying this vintage ABC sports banner for her daughter who works for the local Birmingham affiliate. It was hung at the auto races back in the 1960's.

My mom is always a magnet for the pottery. These were some beauties and all by Alabama artist.

After this one stop shop we all piled into the car and traveled north to our next stop.
In the country, it is easy to get transfixed by the scenery of a simpler life...

See what I mean?
My mother and I have been garage/yard sailing for a long time together. We have our own lingo about things pertaining to. One of them is we will scope out a sale as we approach, check the goods from afar and see if it looks junky, not worth the time. One must when you have miles and miles of sales to cover. Those sales we call, drivebys.
There were many along the way.
Finally, we decided this sale was worth of our time, another fairly large sale of antique outdoor furniture and farming equipment.

I saw this chicken nesting box. These are one of those latest things that everyone now wants in decorating. I have seen them for sale at hundreds of dollars. This one...

This one I saw online is used in decor. Please forgive for I saved it so long ago (prior to Pinterest) if it's yours let me know so I can link you...

I could've made my money back on that and purchased the cowhide rug!
But I didn't buy either.
I have seen these hung up on walls and used in mudrooms as a place to house shoes and boots, kids school supplies. I have also seen them in kitchens, outside on porches with potting supplies, as planters, with candles inside. Unique.

I loved these lanterns. I didn't catch the price, but how cool would a couple of these be above a long dining table?

A collection of old bottles....

And some aerating wheels. I had been wanting a something similar found on a tractor. My mother got me one of these for $10. I plan to use it as an architectural element on a shelf somewhere in my home. I will share when I do.

I purchased 2 other things on my travels....

This handmade flag, made from old fencing.

It's going to be perfect in my Memorial Day display.
Then I plan to put it atop my son's chifferobe in his room. It cost me $12!!!!!! A steal! I almost felt bad paying so little for it.

But I did.
The guy selling them had an entire truck of them. This was a small, the large ones were $15.

And this little chippy chair was bought at an estate sale in Gadsden for $7. I plan to use it in my photography business! I already have some ideas in mind for this sweet little chair.

  U.S. 11 Antique Alley and Yard Sale
When: The four-day weekend after Mother's Day (May 17-20, 2012)
Where: Meridian MS to Bristol, VA
Miles: 502
For More Info:

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Mari said...

What fun! I love, love, love the pictures you have here.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds and looks like you had a fun trip. I have never attempted one of the long yard sales like that.
Have an enjoyable and safe holiday weekend.

Patti said...

Looks like a fabulous those aerating wheels and the flag you got. This must be a fun, fun adventure

Artsy VaVa said...

I've never heard of that sale before! I'll definitely have to remember it for next year. I went on the world's longest yard sale a couple of years ago and had a blast! Looking forward to doing it again this summer. Great pictures!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

your pictures are alwaysw awesome and these really are...Happy Holiday Weekend

Heather said...

NICE! We're doing the "Historic Hwy 40" sale this weekend...similar thing, and runs from Baltimore to St. Louis (though we're only doing the Indiana/Ohio leg). I hope I'm as successful as you were!

Anonymous said...

That was such a fun always with you! Fun to be with my sweet brother and Wanna, too!
Looking forward to the next one!
I love you, my little yardsale buddy!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say....the pic's are so good. I love the roadside wild flowers, barn, and all your are so talented, my precious girl!