Monday, January 30, 2012

It's not a collander. And it's not for straining soup!

Good Monday!

I recently shared on my personal facebook page a story of my husband and some of his antics.
Last week Big Daddy and I had to run to a local hardware store to grab some supplies for the can of worms we have opened....I mean, for the projects we are working on at home. My daughter, Sister Sledge has the most beautiful long hair. Its thick, but its also very fine. I'm pretty sure that's an oxymoron, but its the truth. Anyway, often in the shower, those long hairs will come out and clog the drain. We came across some sink and tub screen section in the hardware store and it made me remember that we needed one.
"Hey, Big Daddy...we need to pick up one of those for  the kids shower...."
"What are those? Why do we need one? Waittttt..." He said, "but we have one..." I looked at him puzzled, as he continued to explain. "The small colander that was in the kitchen sink,. I used one time-about a year ago- when you were sick with the flu. I strained the chicken out of the hot and sour soup I took the broth up to you in bed."
Do you realize what this means?
He used the drain in our sink to strain my soup? !!!!!!!!!!!
God help me. God, Please let it have been clean!!!!
I am a self admitted germaphob. You can only imagine the gagging reflex that triggered at the thought of food particles, unidentified disgustingness, germs, bacteria. I'm fairly certain the CDC could do some research in that sink.
Big Daddy is a very intelligent man. But to be so smart, he is so clueless about certain things.
The thought, the very idea consumed my thoughts for the following days after, as well as the thoughts that perhaps he is trying to rub me out via old pasta remnants and various other pollutants in that screen.
I posted this story on my facebook page and had many comments and responses regarding. Days went by, the story began to "die" down. And then today, I pulled up to my mailbox and as I opened the door I noticed something silver inside.
To the person that left the shiny new in package sink drainer screen (or as Big Daddy likes to refer to it as a "small colander") in my mailbox today....well played! I laughed out loud. And I will make sure to put in a spot other than the sink should Big Daddy decide to strain any food in our kitchen. You had me both gagging (replaying myself eating that soup, unknowingly) and laughing when I opened that box. Well played. I have a couple ideas of who it could be.....(Starting with my friend Sweet Melissa!!!)


Grammy Goodwill said...

Can't reply - busy gagging.

shopannies said...


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Uh - Oh !! :-D
Somebody messed up!! :-D

Jane said...


I hate to say it sounds like something a guy might do, but......

racheld said...

That falls under my Mammaw's old saying, "He coulda talked all DAY and not said THAT!"

We keep those neat things in EVERY drain but the shower floor, and I'm thankful for them, as well as wary enough to wear gloves when dumping.

And this reminds me of the long-ago lady who told the Home Demonstration Club about the time her boys (maybe 6 AND 7) STRAINED THE TEA THROUGH THE FLYSWATTER.

I hope you can face hot and sour soup again soon---it's one of our Winter faves.


Creations By Cindy said...

Well I've had a good laugh this morning! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

4thelove! said...

I think we should stop talking about this because I am getting ill all over again! ;)