Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sweet Melissa Host Christmas Clematogether

Hello Friends! I hope your Christmas was a good one! Mine has been one of many counted blessings which is always good. Its been a very busy couple of weeks leading up to the holiday! I hope to bring you up to speed this week before we move into a new year and new adventures.

My friend Sweet Melissa hosted our group of friends, you know the ones that refer to themselves as the Clematis Club, for a "Christmas Clematogether". 

Melissa was a wonderful host, welcoming us into her home...

While welcoming us with a smile....

She was so proud of that Christmas sweater she found, as a gag really to garner smiles from our group.
Speaking of our group...here is one side of the room commanding the sofa, while spinning some tales..

Being with these women is always special times.
We have shared so much in our lives, that our friendship goes beyond that, we are a family.

This year instead of store bought gifts my friend Boss and I came up with the idea of HOMEMADE gifts.
And in the name of Christmas, we discovered It was the best idea we have had to date.

My friend Zinnia, Warrior Princess brought her special secret spices...

While we also racked up with wood crafted Santa ornaments, curry dip, English toffee and friendship bread......... jewelry and more wonderful gifts.
My husband and family were delighted...."You should do this every year!!!!"
Of course they say this for their own benefit from the gifts I received.
But I whole heartily agreed!!!

But beyond all the homemade gifts, the greatest gift was evident....


That is priceless....its the cement.

Alright....yada yada yada...now lets get onto some real pictures that will make you drool, some of the yummies that were brought and shared tonight.....

Including Melissa's incredibly beautiful cheeseball tray.

Tis true! A feast for the eyes! I don't lie!

Might I tempt you with more....
Like this LA Caviar..
LA being "Lower Alabama".

And my homemade salsa-always a favorite with husbands....but they were no where in sight, so no sharing tonight!

The Grinch would not approve.

 It was a  Whos' feast!
Who-pudding! Roast beast!

WHo Hash...

My stash....

There were so much yumminess we we were running the floor

Melissa's homemade Toffee-it was to die for!

I went back and I went back for more and more and more....

It's enough to make you silly...or perhaps it was the wine.

No! Indeed it was the laughter...which truly is intoxicatingly fine.

As it is when good girlfriends get together!
Hope your Gatherings were as joyful and festive!


4thelove! said...

hey...the pictures are not showing up??

Nicolle said...

We make the same dip with the black eyed peas, and call it Texas Caviar. :) We love it. I also make a homemade salsa, one of my favorites. You always have so much fun with your great group of friends. Happy New Year!