Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

I thought you were lost! The sun is just setting, there is still time! Hurry!
Come, just follow the signs...


Everyone is welcome!

  You are just in time for the celebration...


Welcome to another fantastic annual Halloween celebration at the home of my friend, "High Mae".

The most incredible hostess that she is, was fashioned in her gorgeous witchy woman outfit. Ready to welcome neighborhood goblins into her home for festivities, games and delicious food.

Her home was well decorated! Take a look around...

Is this ghost  on her front door not adorable...and would be so easy to create!

Courtney even "decorated" her dog, Sam!

Big Daddy was more apt to noticing the food:

Vampire Skin Rolls (Ham & Cream Cheese Wraps)

Mummy Mush ( sweet cheese ball)

Mummy Lips (apple slices with peanut butter and marshmallows)

Finger Nails (Seasoned Almond Slices)

And goblin punch!

After eating we got ready for trick or treating...

Sister Sledge was a "country girl" and J Smooth was a "monster"...

And aside from the little Darth Vader, Zombies Ruled!

There were angels and Egyptian princess' as well...
And a little calf that was  to cute for words.

We even had a crazed Auburn fan in the house...

Did you see Big Daddy?

He is a sport. Dressing up because I wanted to go as one of my hero's and she really needed her duet partner...

Of course no one under the age of thirty really knew who we were...

But I did. And I had a blast!

Love me some Loretta!
Do you remember?

Hope your weekend was equally as rocking and fun!
So tell me.....what did YOU go as this past Halloween?

(High Mae Previous Halloween Celebrations:
 2009 and 2010)


Patti said...

Cute post...your costume was great!

Coley said...

What a fun Halloween party! I love your costume. I was a zebra and my dog had the same costume on as the dog in your photo! :)

4thelove! said...

Thank you Loretta for the sweet words!! Always a wonderful memory with you and Conway ..and family!! ~HM