Thursday, October 20, 2011

At Home (Again) /Because I LOVE it.

Thanks to all who came to the Thrifty Thursday party yesterday! I really appreciate it. It's not a party without all of you!
Today, I thought I'd show you around my all time favorite local store...AT HOME in Homewood, Alabama. It's safe to say that I'd take anything in here.


Follow me.....

Want rustic elegance? Talk about luxury.....

Mark that down on my wish list.

And might as well add these too it:

Cool dresser that looks like suitcases. Clever. And could easily be duplicated on a budget.

You will see the running theme here in much of this post.


I love my leather sofa.
It was actually at Big Daddy's insistence.
I wish mine, however not to far off, was this exact style.

Love the Indian rug pillows.

And here, rustic meets glamour in these to die for slipper chairs...

I have "a thing" for signs.
Love these.

So livable.
So beautiful.
So realistic.
NOTHING pretentious.

Check out these living spaces:


Pretty sure I could just move into the store and be perfectly content.
 Like it too?
There's plenty of "rooms"!

2921 18th St
Birmingham, AL 35209-2511
(205) 879-3510

Tell them you came via Bloggeritaville. ;)
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy said...

Homie I'm witcha. I love that place too, just don't like the price tags. They do have some good sales on their facebook page, though! I scored the loveseat in my sunroom from there a few months ago.

mollie's mom said...

Love that store!! Anytime I venture over from Atl I pop in to take a look... after I have chicken salad at O'Carrs, of course!!

Erin @ How to Nest for Less said...

Oh, I wish I lived a little closer! That store looks AMAZING!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

love, love that store.......

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

love, love that store.......