Monday, May 23, 2011

The Swan Coach House, Atlanta

In 1965 a group of extraordinary women established the Forward Arts Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia. These distinguished arts patrons, whose dynamic leadership was matched by their determination, transformed the carriage house of the Swan House estate into a thriving restaurant, gift shop and art gallery.

Today, in the year 2011....WE are an example of extraordinary women!

Or at least we tried to represent....

We had the pleasure at being at the Swan Coach House to celebrate Melissa's engagement with some priceless girl time over "chic food" and drinks! Pinky's up!

We were so happy to be able to celebrate such a special occasion at such a special place, The Swan Coach House. We arrived a little prior to our reservations so it gave us some time to look around and explore.

The Grounds:

Inside (which includes a fabulous and reasonably priced gift shop):

Don't think that we didn't explore ALL that this true southern tearoom had to offer. Nothing was off limits, including the ladies room! For that we took the ride up to the second floor...

We loved the ultra feminine powder room, from the sign on the door...

To the room behind it!

Dining Rooms (There are several dining rooms throughout the Swan Coach House because this once was an actual home. Today the rooms within the Swan Coach house are dining rooms and the gift shop):

We sat in this girly pink floral room as we dined.

Everything sparkled under the gorgeous pink light.
From the silver julep cups...

...To the Chandeliers overhead:

To the company:
(Sweet Melissa with sisters. Okay, really one is her delightful mother, but you wouldn't know unless I told you!)

The Food.
It was so hard to decide on what to order from the menu! Everything looked/sounded incredible! Finally, decisions made....

Melissa & Sharon ordered the Salad Sampler: One timbale each of our chicken salad, shrimp salad,and tuna salad served with seasonal fresh fruit. 14.25 substitute frozen fruit salad 15.00

Courtney & myself each ordered the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich: Southern fried green tomatoes on grilled foccacia bread with swiss cheese, mixed greens and red pepper aioli. Leigh and Courtney both got a salad as a side to the meal. 9.95

Elizabeth & Morgan ordered the Southern Crab Cakes: Two crab cakes prepared with lump crab, celery, onion blended with a light mix of seafood seasonings. Served with remoulade sauce on the side.Served with the vegetable of the day14.75

Margie ordered the Salmon Salad: Grilled salmon over a bed of mixed field greens and topped with tomatoes, scallions, and olives. 12.75

Many of the ladies ordered the The Bubbly Atlantain, the SCH signature cocktail. It consist of Champagne and jasmine liqueur shaken and served over ice,with a cherry. 7.25. They spoke highly of it. I stuck with my water with lemon.
After lunch, we spent some time admiring the artwork in the Saw Coach House Gallery:

We had a memoriable time at the Swan Coach house, even allowing enough time from our formal tearoom dining to ham it up...

Hmmm, Goes to show you can take girl from the hair band concert arena... the but you can't take the hair band outta the girl. No matter where ya put her. My husband might say, "I can't take you anywhere.."
Thank goodness for girlfriends.

If you are in the area....I highly recommend that you and your best girlfriends...or guy friend....check out the Swan Coach House!

Swan Coach House
3130 Slaton Drive Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30305 ph. 404 261 0636


Casey said...

I love you, Leigh! Thank you for making me LIVE*Love*Laugh*, Dear sweet friend! Have a fabulous day!

Karen said...

What a timely posting for me! My husband invited me to a convention to be held in Atlanta next October. I jumped at the chance as I've never been there... and I love everything southern. The pictures look fabulous.
Thanks so much!
Have a super week.
Ladybug Creek

DearHelenHartman said...

Amazing adventure! Ladies who lunch are my current topic at dearhelenhartman so fun to see it done better than moi!

Anonymous said...

This post was so much fun! Thanks for sharing this lovely outing with us. The Swan Coach House definitely looks like a place to visit. Your lunches look and sound yummy. I'd love to spend some time in that gift shop, too. Looks like y'all had the best time!!