Monday, April 4, 2011

A lil something extra

I posted my Monday post today. But I also had some footnotes that I wanted to add to. Thus this short post. I hope you will visit the links below. Your life will be enriched greatly by doing so.

My cousin, Abigail has started a blog. It is called, Scars of Beauty:
I am so very proud of Abigail. She inspires me all of the time, and I know that she will inspire you as well. Please go by, pay a visit to her blog, and tell her that her cousin Leigh sent you. Adding her blog to your list will enrich your life. It really will.

My wonderful cousin, Christie sent me this link (below). It is a webcam on an active eagle nest. We have gotten to watch 2 of the eggs hatch. One egg remains and should hatch very soon. My family has watched as the mother and father eagle as they have fed their pips birds, fish and a rabbit. It is fascinating! And so educational. We leave it up all the time as a screen saver. Thought you might enjoy too. A fun thing to watch with the family.
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Thank you for visiting me today. I appreciate you!!!
Life is grand.
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Mari said...

We've been watching the eagles too - very cool! Now I'm off to visit your cousin. :)