Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crafting in Mentone

Christmas Greetings from Mentone!

I spent a girls weekend on the mountain in Mentone, Alabama. (Myself, my daughter and her friend (T-Mac) my mother, cousin and my cousins friends.)  It was our annual girls crafting weekend, a "hanging of the greens" if you will, where everything we create is harvested from the woods of Mentone on a nature hike. This weekend we crafted and created...ate and saw the sites of the mountain.  And enjoyed the fire at my cousin, Elaine's cabin.

From the wreaths and garlands, to the Christmas tree and many of it's ornaments....all natural. I actually learned to do something I never could a child. That being making snowflakes from paper. I know, an easy talent for some. Mine never looked like circular flakes, but I did it this weekend with such pride. LOL I brought home some great recipes that I will share in the near future at Plates and Places. You will not want to miss a perfect recipe for any Christmas party, that are so pleniful this season.

We made a outdoor Christmas tree this year, one decorated for the birds using birdseed and fruits as well, because even nature should take pleasure in the celebration of the season.

Here is a slideshow of our weekend of crafting.



Elizabeth Ann said...


Elizabeth Ann

Olive Cooper said...

How cute are those kids and the baby? The bird ornaments are wonderful and bless y'all for doing them. merry♥O

Betty said...

When we go from Georgia to Sand Mountain, Alabama we go through Mentone...It's so picturesque! The long wall, the Lodge, the mountains and valleys....

Thanks jogging my memory!

Blessings...Betty @ Country Charm

Betty said...

Thanks for all the pictures. It was fun watching the show and listening to the holiday music.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I have three boys (7, 6 and 2.5), and the only thing I think I miss about not having a girl is that I don't have a daughter who will eventually go on my scrapbooking weekends with me! My eldest son is very interested in it, but I don't think he'll ever want to do it to that extent.

What a wonderful post and pictures! I loved seeing how you spent the weekend. :)