Friday, November 5, 2010

So You Want Your Privacy? Or Just a New Look?

Folding screens are a great way to finish off a corner, screen a storage area, or add a bit of privacy. Screen are a one-stop solution to all kinds of home decor problems. They help you hide, break, divide and dazzle any room in your home. You may want to add more privacy to a room or divide up space in a room, loft, condo, apartment etc. Decorating with screens help you define your space. It's so easy to move them around to any room at any time. Use screens at the entrance to walk in rooms to create the illusion of an entryway point. To highlight the effect use different colours and fabrics on the panels, alternating one fabric with another taking care to ensure colours coordinate.
Screens can be used behind a bed as a headboard, in a corner as a privacy screen, as a wall for a room divider, as a unique way to hang pictures.....the possibilities are numerous!

I LOVE this idea using natural branches. I think I would make it less modern, more rustic....but I love it!

And of course, we all know how well screens can work for outdoors too....Especially to keep out the Kravitz neighbors.

Hope this gets you to thinking about using screens in your decor. It sure got my wheels turning!
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Linda Starr said...

Oh I like that modern screen, screens are a great idea for sure.

DeAnna said...

Kravitz neighbors! You're so funny! I love the doors with the planters - so sweet. Thanks for sharing - see you in a couple weeks!!

nancygrayce said...

I like the screens! I have been thinking about one for our office/my relaxing room. The office takes over! I love the ones made from old doors!'ve got me thinking!

Abbey said...

I really LOVE the use of screens in landscapting! I would have never thought of it ... there's always a lot of them for sale at antique and consignment shops.

Leigh, where do you find the time, gurl?

Abbey ♥

Jane said...

Your post has certainly gotten my imagination moving! I love the landscape screening...might be just the right thing to separate our dogs from the neighbors without cutting off the friendliness... I already use lattice screening on the patio sitting area.

I also love the screen I have in front of the bathroom window...lets light in, but hides the view of our shower. And it softens the corner.
Jane (artfully graced)

Anonymous said...

Leigh, I love screens, inside, outside. They just add a wonderful opportunity to break up spaces and create unique areas. Great post!

4thelove! said...

I like this post...I've often wondered how I could get more privacy off the side road...