Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Gulf Coast

Hi Friends,
I have waited to post about something that has been heavy on my heart, as I have been riding it out to see what might happen. I feel as though it is time for me to speak about this that has me so concerned.
The Gulf Coast is a very special place to me, which you probably know if you are a TFB reader. It's a second home to me. We have two "homes" along the gulf that are our homes away from home. I have shared with you my concerns from time regarding coastal issues, be it buying local seafood to over building. Currently, the concern is the oil spill in the gulf. Its being reported in the news daily. It is also hurting the businesses all along the gulf, though the oil spill fortunately has yet to arrive on our beaches. From the seafood industry to tourism, and everything in between the coastal people are hurting.

If you have summer plans to visit the gulf coast beaches, please continue on with them. All businesses that I have heard from and actually been in direct contact myself will offer refunds on cancellations (or prorates)  if the beaches are affected. I ask of you to come to the gulf. We have to sustain the jobs and livelihoods of our neighbors on the coast. The coast offers so many wonderful opportunites and "things to do". I have written about it many times (see "vacations" or search beach on my blog). The state park features hiking trails, shopping is prime with outlet centers and boutiques. Fishing! You can still fish in state waters, which is 20 miles out into the gulfcoast, and there are great back waters and inlets where fishing is also ideal. Kayacking and Canoeing those backwaters is also a great sport ...and workout. Enjoy dolphins in those same backwaters as they play. There really is alot to offer on the coast, in addition to our gorgeous beaches.

I do want to offer my prayers to my friends in Nashville, TN who themselves are currently hurting deeply and in the midst of unimaginable challenges never seen in that city. I have a great soft spot for Nashville. Its a place that I travel to often (its a couple hours from my home) and have friends and family there. The news media has been reporting on many large news stories (the oil spill and the attempted act of terroism in NYC) but has not given the tragedy in Nashville its time. Please lift Nashville in your prayers. There is also a number of ways you can help, from as little as purchasing a tshirt (thats cute!) to donating supplies.

I also wanted to share the words of Lulu Buffett, many of you might know from her restaurant, Lulu's Homeport Marina regarding the current gulf situation and her first hand account of how we can all help.

Thank you for dropping by today.
I wish all of the precious mothers a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
HUGS! TY! God Bless America.



Dear Friends,

What a gorgeous day we are having today at LuLu’s. Of course, the sun is always shining here, because even when it’s raining, we have sunshine in our hearts. But this is also the beginning of our summer season when the weather is simply glorious along my beloved Gulf... Coast.
I know that many of you who visit our area every year are concerned with the national news reports about the recent oil leak. This indeed could become a serious challenge for us both emotionally and physically as we await news of how this environmental tragedy will affect us. Personally, I prefer to remain positive because I know if we are called to action we will respond in the spirit that coastal people are born with. We will weather this storm as we have done with the many storms that have roared upon our shores in the past, working hard, side-by-side, with dedication, compassion, and finding some hard-earned fun in the process.
Personally, I am hoping that there will be little damage or interruption of beach recreation in Gulf Shores; hopefully just a mere inconvenience, much like too many jelly fish in the water or the occasional riptides. So I have a very special message for those of you planning a trip to our little piece of Alabama paradise. Please don’t miss the opportunity to have one of the most memorable vacations of your life!
Most of you travel with children. What a great opportunity to teach your kids so many valuable life lessons: The beauty of volunteering. The importance of helping your neighbors during a crisis. The opportunity to show them the fragile ecosystem that creates the remarkable Gulf of Mexico. Plus, there are many, many fun ways to enjoy our area so check out and click “things to do" at the top of the page.
From renting a kayak and paddling your way through the serene back bays to taking a dolphin cruise or learning how local shrimpers catch the prized crustacean, there is a bounty of activities to enjoy and places to visit, not the least is our own adorable LuLu’s where the kids can play on our very own sand dunes, complete with beach toys and the Fountain for Youth, while the parents are entertained with fine beach cuisine, live music, and a floating theatre that parades in front of our waterfront deck.
So I’m inviting you all to come on down. Please don’t turn your backs on the Gulf Coast. We need your support and are open for business. Let us do what we do best: give you the time of your life. The weather is beautiful and I definitely wish you were here to enjoy it with me.
We will keep you posted with the latest developments in this ongoing story and please check out the other websites below if you are interested in volunteering while you are here. Hope to see you soon.
All my gumbo love,


Shelia said...

Oh, I hear you, Leigh! So far we're okay in Galveston but if the oil spill comes this way it will be the same. My prayers go out to all of the fishermen, restaurants, etc. who are hurting because of this tragedy.
I'm glad you spoke up.
Happy Mother's Day, Dear One.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Pat Harris said...

I love the Gulf coast having lived in Pensacola for several years. I am praying that they'll soon have the oil slick under control. It makes me sick how much damage can be done if it isn't and how much damage has already happened.

Thank you for your prayers for Nashville. I live in S. Nashville and it is so encouraging to see people helping people. Strangers helping strangers. Churches sharing building with other denominations who have lost their facilities to the flood.

We must pray for all people, no matter what their challenges, circumstances. There is so much devastation happening all over the world in addition to our beautiful gulf coast and our cities under water.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Thank you...thank you...thank you! I have been trying to decide if I should post about this you know, we live and work on the gulf coast and are sooo SAD about this...this is our home! As of today, our beaches are still beautiful and I have FAITH that they will always please everyone...don't believe everything that you hear from the media (they just like to make up a GOOD story for they have done this to us in the past)...come on down and enjoy our little piece of will be glad you did:)



jennifer said...

I have felt the same way regarding posting about the Gulf Coast and the oil spill. I am so worried it seems that I just can't talk about it. Maybe next week.

Meanwhile, prayers will continued to be prayed and we will hang on the news reports and newspapers articles, waiting for GOOD news. Lord, may it be so.

Happy Mother's Day Leigh. Hugs and Love to you.


Bama Belle said...

So far no oil but business is hurting BAD! Mother and Daddy have at least one cancellation a day!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Thanks for sharing Leigh....My kids are keeping their beach reservations...they said at lunch today, if they have to just chill in their condo, thats fine....

Praying for all those affected....

Creations By Cindy said...

Praying for everyone! Be blessed. Cindy


I hear you! I am still going the first week in June. Have to wait for school to be out. I will actually be there twice before Father's Day. Can't wait. I love the beach...always have!

4thelove! said...

a wonderful post to keeping aware the issues going on down south!

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

You are so right, Leigh! My husband has already said how we still have to support the local business as we normally do several times a year. We just can't turn our backs to our favorite Gulf Coast beaches. Kudos to you for keeping us all informed!

Your beach bum friend,