Thursday, April 1, 2010

HUGE Hearts

Daily I am taken aback at the kindness, generosity and beautiful spirits of bloggers. But the past week, the random acts of kindness have been directed to me. My blessings over runneth and I am so touched!
I recently returned from a beach trip, where I had a wonderful visit with two precious bloggers, who I am honored to count as friends, Kristin of The Goat and Jennifer of Dust Bunny Hostage. I shared some photos of our visit on my Picture a Day blog as well as a Bloggeritaville post. But I didn't share what Jennifer gave to me (as well as Kristin) after our visit....
This jar of thread on wooden spools. She went on to talk about your friendships, being like that thread. The strength and beauty in it. It was a beautiful sentiment and I am so appreciative. Thank you, Jennifer. I just adore you! You ARE like that thread to me! And I love the ties that bind us....our friendship.

And speaking of precious people, I wanted to thank blogger, Jane of Mamie Jane for thinking of me as she was out thrifting. She came across some lettered "B: items and remembered me mentioning how I have had a hard time finding those. Apparently there are alot of people out there whose last names begin with "B". Jane sent me a box of B treasures......a beautiful bowl and some silver spoons, including a sweet note inside. Jane, your kindness is immeasurable, your thoughtfulness so appreciated. Jane, I feel a kindred spirit with you in your sentimentality and these treasures are certainly ones that are precious to me and meaningful, not just because they are "B's" but because you thought kindly and sent them to me.

Jessica of Thoughts of a Bama Belle is such a special friend to me. We met through blogging and quickly became real life friends. When I mentioned my giveaways, she so graciously offered to do the monogram  of the Vintage Monogrammed Jar. She sponsored  the winning initial and she also gave me my own initial as well as an ALABAMA vinyl monogram which is perfect to share my spirit for my favorite team, and where my money...and son goes to college. So sweet.
Jess is one of those people who never comes or allows you to go empty handed. Whether it's a serving of her homemade dumplings, a jar of her aunt's best blueberry jam or a box of chocolates, Jessica has made it her point in life to make others feel special. You can see that by visiting her blog, where she often shares her family recipes and incredible and well thought tablescapes. I don't think there is much "mundane" in her home. She celebrates life and I LOVE THAT!
Jessica is getting ready to make a move from my hometown of Helena to the Gulf Coast, where she will live in close proximity to Jenn, DBH. While I will miss Jess terribly, I celebrate this new chapter in her life and the life of her family and know she has a friend already there waiting in the wings. Life is grand like that.

And finally, I want to thank Mama Joy. Mama Joy does not have a blog of her own, but she reads Bloggeritaville very often. She will sometimes email and offer advice of thrifty finds or things to do, etc. She is also a precious soul in my life. And my life is better for it. On Saturday she gave me this copper cuff bracelet with a brass butterfly and oyster shell inlay on the wings.
"A thrifty find that I found at a garage sale and I immediately thought of you!!"
How kind! And how nice it is to be "thought of". Thank you, MJ!

Thank you, Jenn, Jane, Jessica and Joy (Wow! Something about the J's?)  for thinking of me. I appreciate you each and every one and love your huge hearts.
Many, many Thanks. My heart is full with your friendship.
Thank you.


Kirby3131 said...

How funny that we both posted the picture of the jar of thread today. You are so incredibly sweet, no wonder why your heart is intertwined with so many others.

Kristin - The Goat

Jessica said...

Oh, my precious friend. You will never know how your words have touched my heart! I am so blessed to have you in my life and I will miss you terribly. I type this through tears of love, joy, and sadness. I will be waiting for you in the land of the sea and sun! XOXOXOXO

jennifer said...

When you are a kind loving person, people want to do things for you. And YOU are a kind and loving person.

I'm glad you liked your jar!

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful gift to receive from such a loving friend. Happy Easter!

Mari said...

What wonderful gifts! I have a feeling they enjoyed giving them to you as much as you enjoyed getting them. (I think I better tell Jane that my last name starts with B too!) :)

Allie and Pattie said...

You're very blessed, Leigh. Isn't Blogland wonderful??
xoxo Pattie

Jane said...

Hi Leigh,
I am so glad you liked my little thrifty finds! You have been one of my biggest supporters since I started my blog and I truly value your friendship. The gift is just my way of saying thanks!
Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Jane said...

The jar of thread...what a touching gift! It's no wonder why people give you special presents. You have a way of making the mundane a make everyday build up strangers/new blog friends.
Happy Easter!
Jane (artfully graced)

CountryBlessings@Lakewood said...

You are truly blessed and you know how to bless others. Have a wonderful weekend and a special Easter.
Sending blog blessings,

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Those are some friday favorites!

I was in Perdido last week, for my Dad's memorial service. I thought of you and had a bushwacker for you... does that count?

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Very nice gifts.
Have a great weekend.

susan said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a joyous Easter :) Great gifts--I could use a beach trip!!!

Creations By Cindy said...

What great friends and wonderful gifts. God is so good at how He uses others to touch us so sweetly. Be blessed. Cindy

Trina said...

Huge hearts indeed! What treasures you have in their friendships :)