Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend, When the working days are through.....Not!

I had a busy weekend. My youngest son, J Smooth competed in a wrestling tournament. You can view a photo from the event by clicking here.
My blogger friend, Jessica of Thoughts of a Bama Belle, hosted a Spa Slumber Party for her daughter, "the Princess". My daughter, Sister Sledge, attended. It was a beautiful and exciting night. You can read all about it, from the makeovers to the fire!!! As well as to see the gorgeous tablescape of O's birthday feast and goodies by clicking here. I think Jessica is in need of a Spa Makeover after all the excitment! Well done, Jessica!
After a month vacation time, my oldest son, "Bama" returned to school at the University of Alabama on Sunday. He returns to a campus that is still celebrating the victory of winning the BCS National Championship game. A parade is in the works, I am hopeful to attend.
I did post a less "family related" post today, I visited a store in Fairhope, Alabama not to terribly long ago and have been intending to post it so it's up today...come with me as I visit a store called "A Place Remembered" for some fantastic gifts and inspiration.

How did you spend your weekend?


Mari said...

I spent the weekend working, but it was a nice weekend. Sounds like yours was great too, even though it was busy.
I loved the post below about "A Place Remembered". What fun and beautiful stuff they have!

Bama Belle said...

So proud of Jsmooth way way to! We want to attend a match some time so we will talk about that OK?

Sister Sledge was so much fun and is such a precious soul!

Bama surely enjoyed his time home, hope he travels safe!

You are so sweet to say such kind things about the party. Thank you for letting ehr spend some time with us!

Kirby3131 said...

Sounds like everyone had a fun weekend.

Kristin - The Goat

LauraBeth said...

This weekend, TJ and I headed up to his parents' cabin on the Tennessee River while they watched the Bean for us. It was amazing - cold, but amazing! We had a roaring fire, slept past 7 am, and watched PG-13 movies without worrying that little pitchers would hear a dirty word :-) He mentioned to me that he was glad we went up there - if we'd stayed at home, we would've probably spent the weekend doing laundry or knocking off items on the "honey do" list. How true! Glad you had a good time!

Nezzy said...

It's been so cold here this Ozarks farm chick is just happy to have survived it with runnin' water. I did double the outside chores on Saturday and Sunday I taught my pre~teen Sunday School and did Kid's Church. It was -10 here on the Ponderosa Sunday morn. Brrrrrr!

You have yourself a wonderfully blessed day!!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Hi Leigh,

Just wanted to thank you again for mentioning my giveaway!

And if you have a giveaway that you think my readers would enjoy, please let me know, I want to return the favor!!